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Affordable, American-Assembled Tool Watches by Vaer are Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Vaer is a young brand on a mission. Their goal is to create the highest quality watches they can at an affordable price point. While they are not the only brand on this mission, they’ve taken some interesting roads to get there that make them stand out. But, before getting into that, it’s worth a quick look at the brand itself. Founded in 2016 by Ryan Torres and Reagan Cook, the Venice, California based duo wanted watches that represented who they were. They weren’t buying luxury watches, but they didn’t want low quality either, and they needed to be durable. So, they put their life savings on the line and launched, initially with just quartz watches, but have since grown to include mechanical watches as well. 

Back to what makes Vaer standout, first, they tested their watches to a point of destruction, coming to a set of standards, such as sapphire crystals, 100m water resistance, many and screw down crowns, that despite their often sub $200 price tags, they always maintain. Additionally, they all come with two straps for added convenience. Next, and even more rare, they offer several lines of watch that are assembled in the US. In doing so, not only are they helping grow an infrastructure for American watchmaking, they get tighter control over their assembly, which leads to better QC, and therefore better watches.

Today, we’re excited to launch Vaer in the Windup Watch Shop, focusing on a few lines of their American-assembled sport watches. Check out the collection here, or scroll down for more details.

Vaer American-Assembled C5 Field Watches

The C5 is Vaer’s core model. Featuring a 40mm case with 100m of water resistance, a sapphire crystal, screw-down crown, and thin design at 9.4mm, it’s meant as an everyday tool watch. Lightweight and low profile, it will be comfortable all day, whether at the office, hiking a trail, or going for a swim. With Swiss-made Ronda quartz movements inside, they are also reliable, precise time keepers.

This batch of C5s are inspired by field and military watches from across the years. Some more modern, some more vintage, they all put legibility first and have an abundance of style. At $199, they offer a great value as well.

Vaer American-Assembled C5 Design Watches

Part of the same series as above but for people who want a more contemporary look, the C5 Design watches drop the military inspiration for a cool, casual look. Still highly legible, large numerals alternate with rectangles, and a subtle play in color adds some personality. Available in Navy or White, the C5 Design series is still a tough little watch, but with an appealing and unique look.

Vaer American-Assembled C3 Collection

One of Vaer’s newest collections, the C3s bring a 36mm case to the party. Still with the same excellent features as the C5s (100m, sapphire crystal, screw-down crown), the C3 is a great option for those who prefer smaller watches or a more classic size. For the new case, Vaer also came up with a dial that speaks to iconic adventure watches of the mid-century. With their twist on an “explorer” dial, the C3 is a fun, sporty watch, and still $199.

Vaer American-Assembled A5 Automatic Field Watch 

To cap off our initial offering from Vaer, we have one of their American-assembled automatic models. Similar in design to the C5, the 40mm case is a touch thicker at 9.7mm, which is quite thin for an automatic, and is thanks to the Miyota 9015 movement inside, which can be seen through the display case back. The dial is then a pure modern field watch, with large numerals and bold hands. At $449, this is an excellent value for an easy to wear automatic with solid specs.