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Founded by a pair of fashion and industrial designers from Normandy, France in 2011, AUTEUR has quickly built a reputation for unique, minimal timepieces with an almost architectural flair. Based in Hong Kong, AUTEUR’s core line of design-forward timepieces have earned them a coveted spot at the Museum of Modern Art (or MoMa) in New York City, an incredible honor for such a young brand. While appearing elemental on the surface, each AUTEUR timepiece hides a deeper complexity.

Take, for example, the Circles line. On the surface, each watch in the Circle line is as simple and pared-down as possible, even eschewing a crown to move time-setting to the back, but the four grooves running along the side of the perfectly circular case tell a story. Each groove represents a different social circle: family, friends, community and society that come together to form our interactions with the world.

About the founders

Baptiste Guedez and Thomas Letourneux both worked in the fashion industry before meeting each other by chance in Hong Kong in 2008, half a world away from their native France. Letourneux was a designer by trade, providing his services to such high-end labels as Chanel, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton, while Guedez worked as head buyer for major Asian concept store Kapok for several years. The two quickly forged a bond over a shared passion for the clean minimalism of the European modernist movement along with the incredible attention to detail in modern Japanese industrial design.

AUTEUR grew quickly from that mutual enthusiasm. Guedes himself describes the brand’s ethos this way: “Taking inspiration from modern architecture, each AUTEUR collection embodies the now famous ‘less is more’ philosophy, yet adding a unique design innovation.”

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