About Bravur

Founded in 2011 by industrial designers Magnus Äppelryd and Johan Sahlin, Bravur has made a space for themselves squarely at the crossroads of unique design and exquisite craftsmanship. Based in the quiet coastal town of Bastad, Sweden, the marque achieves this through a blend of high-quality Swiss manufacture and distinctly Scandinavian design sensibilities, catering toward modern urban tastes rather than the macho posturing of many other brands. Bravur’s stylistic ethos is deceptively simple at first glance, revealing all manner of fascinating details on closer inspection.

The BW003, Bravur’s newest model, is a perfect example of this. While the case remains clean and elemental overall, the mixed brushed and polished finishes and the elegant bowl-shaped curve of the profile reveal themselves over time. Likewise, the intricate faceting of the applied indices and the depth of the sunburst finish do not detract from the overall cleanliness of the dial, but add a new level of dynamism. Complementing this design on the inside is a richly decorated automatic movement from Sellita, adding Swiss precision to Swedish style.

On Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is a hallmark of of the Bravur brand, and with both main partners coming from an industrial design background the depth of creative experience shines through. But what are the hallmarks of Scandinavian design, exactly? Modern examples could best be described as a “warm minimalism”. Lacking some of the stark utilitarian feel of the Germanic schools, Scandinavian examples tend to be defined by an overall simplicity of form coupled with smooth integration of details and a light, airy feel. Founders Magnus Äppelryd and Johan Sahlin have refined and personalized these central tenets into a cohesive brand philosophy that consistently produces some of the most attractive forms of any microbrand today.

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