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Fun, Affordable, Solar Powered Watches by One Eleven - Now Available at Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

If there was one concept that watch enthusiasts can get behind it’s adventure. Climbing high peaks, diving to deep depths, hiking long trails, skiing steep slopes, taking drives down winding roads - they all inspire excitement, especially as we sit behind our desks, waiting for a chance to go outside. Adventure, or just more generally, sports watches are nothing new, but one could argue they’ve lost their way. What good is a watch you are afraid to scratch or get wet or get crusted with mud when you are on a weekend excursion? One Eleven is a sustainability-minded solar watch brand born of a love of the great outdoors, and wants to be on your wrist as you find your way through it, one adventure at a time.

A return to a day when tool watches were meant to be worn and not put in safes, One Eleven’s timepieces are lightweight, durable, good looking and highly affordable. Powered by the sun, there are no wasteful batteries to change, nor mechanics that can be subject to shock or magnetism. These are go-anywhere, do-anything watches that want to join you on your outings and don’t mind getting dirty. Made out of predominantly sustainable materials, such as rPet (recycled bottles) and 85% recycled steel for the cases and straps, they also are focused on being environmentally responsible. Additionally, as a 1% For the Planet Partner, they will donate 1% of sales to an environmental cause.

To launch One Eleven in the Windup Watch Shop, we’ve curated a small but exciting collection of their watches with a starting price of $75. Head over to the One Eleven collection page now to check them all out, or continue below for detailed descriptions.

One Eleven SWII

Kicking things off we have the SWII, a fun, sporty model with a minimal design that comes in at a whopping $75. Featuring 42mm rPet cases with 100 meters of water resistance, steel crowns and case-backs, they are lightweight companions with a surprising amount of style. The Attached to sporty velcro straps made of recycled plastic, these are watches you’ll want to put on before you head out for your next adventure, and probably never take off. Available now in Green, Blue and Black.

One Eleven Solar Powered Sustainable Field Watch

Next we have One Eleven’s take on a field watch, which features a more rugged build and detailed dial. First off, the 42mm case is made out of recycled steel with an rPet bezel, giving it a more durable construction and an appealing heft. The crown is screwed down and features triple-gaskets for extra assurance that water will stay out when you jump off that cliff. The dials then draw from classic military field watches, but have an appealing modern spin. The 1 - 12 numerals are raised and lume filled, while 13 - 24 are smaller and printed, for reference. The dial surfaces feature circular graining, giving them and added depth and texture. Available now in Desert (white dial, black bezel) and Olive (black dial, green bezel) for $125. 

One Eleven x VSSL Field Survival Set

Now this is a lot of fun. One Eleven teamed up with VSSL to create a combo set that you're just going to want. First, it includes one of their sturdy field watches in all black with a tan strap that looks great. Next, it comes with one of VSSL's water-tight aluminum camping sets that is packed full of goodies. It's got an LED flashlight that can pulse SOS, a compass, a medical kit, a fire-starting kit, two shot glasses, and more. Whether your taking in on a trail or just to a campfire in your backyard, this is kit your going to get a kick out. Also makes an awesome gift. Pick one of these combos up now for $225.