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Introducing the Martenero X Worn & Wound Edgemere Reserve Limited Edition
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Martenero Edgemere was a huge success for the young, NYC-based brand. Inspired by nautical timepieces and themes, the Edgemere took an old concept and updated it to a fun, colorful, casual timepiece as fit to wear sailing as in the office. One of the few brands that are willing to be daring with color, Martenero hit a stride with the Edgemere, which ran through later successes like the Kerrison.

As a follow up to 2016’s Edgemere, Martenero has now released the Edgemere Reserve, an evolution on the original design that features a redesigned case and some uncommon complications that perfectly fit into the nautical concept. Today, we’re excited to announce not only the launch of the Edgemere Reserves in the Windup Watch Shop, but also a limited edition collaboration with Worn & Wound.

The Martenero x Worn & Wound Edgemere Reserve Limited Edition is available for preorder here

The first change visible in the Edgemere Reserve is that the lugs of the 40mm case have been refined. Originally straight and squared off, the new lugs taper and curve in for a gentler appearance. Flipping the watch over, you’ll also find the case-back now has a display window. The compass graphic that was once etched in steel is now plated on the display window, perfectly aligned with the Miyota 9132 inside, creating a cool layering effect.

The new caliber brings the most changes, however, adding to the dial a central seconds, power reserve, 24-hour sub-dial, and date. The increased complexity and functionality of the dial gives the watch a more technical look, bringing it a bit closer to the instrumentation that inspired the design to begin with. Additionally, the added complications give more opportunities for interesting details, of which the Edgemere Reserve is abundant.

The Edgemere Reserve in Dark Blue shows off the dynamic use of color

The Martenero x Worn & Wound Edgemere Reserve LE is a reduced take on the format. Instead of the colorful palette found in the core models, the LE goes for a simpler range of hues; white, dark gray, red and black. The result is a clean and crisp dial that has a bit more of an automotive flair than the more overtly nautically inspired watches. The dark gray hour ring that is raised up provides a strong visual center for the dial, while subtle hints of red, such as on the the sub-seconds intervals of the outer index and the numerals of the 24-hr dial, play with the eyes, coming into focus when directly inspected, disappearing when not.

On the case-back, the number of the watch (of 75) and the Worn & Wound logo are added to the art, commemorating the limited edition. For straps, the watch comes with a gorgeous American-made black leather strap with matching full-edge stitch and a 2mm taper. This strap is currently only available on the LE. Additionally, it will come with a Navy American-made ADPT Strap, a great option for warmer months or a sportier look.

The Edgemere Reserve Limited Edition is available now for preorder, shipping in June, for $750

The Edgermere Reserves are currently available for preorder, shipping in June for $650 ($695 once shipping)