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Introducing the Rockaway Vintage-Style Rubber Strap - Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Along with sumptuous leather and breathable nylon, every watch collector needs at least a few rubber straps. Obviously useful for aquatic adventures, from the sink to the sea, rubber straps also have a style unto themselves. Ranging from aggressive and technical, to vintage and nostalgic, there is no end to the variety allowed from a moldable material. Today, we’re very excited to add our first (yes, first!) rubber strap to the Windup Watch Shop. 

While our hometown of NYC isn’t known for its diving or beaches, the Rockaways, which is quite the hike from midtown, is a gem. A long stroll-able beach with a nice boardwalk and solid Piña Coladas (if you know where to look), it’s one of the only beaches that you’ll find surfers at. As such, we felt it was the perfect place to name our first rubber strap after.

The Rockaway Vintage-Style Rubber strap is made of Nitrile rubber and features a simple, versatile design with vintage cues. The classic 2mm-taper silhouette has been decorated with a toothed edge and basket-weave texture for a nod to mid-century straps. Diamond shaped perforations allow water through and act as sizing holes. On the back side of the strap is a waffle-pattern that reduces surface area against one’s skin for comfort, and allows water to move through.

To start, we’re offering the Rockaway in two classic colors, black and navy blue. You simply can’t go wrong with black rubber. It’s the original and the most versatile. Throw it on any diver, vintage or modern, and you’re good to go. Navy blue is just a handsome color that is a great alternative to black for something a bit softer. These work with any dial, but will look especially nice with lighter and tropical colors. Both are available now in 20 and 22mm for $40.