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Just got a great watch for Father's Day? Time for straps!
Words by Windup Watch Shop

So you just got that watch you always wanted for Father's Day. The bracelet has been sized and you're already maxing out your phones storage with wrist shots. But something is missing. Perfection seems to be just around the corner. And it comes in the form of a new strap.

Add a strap and watch as it completely transforms. Toss some nylon on a diver. Trade in a stiff piece of leather for a supple piece of suede. Pair the perfect racing chronograph with a rally strap. The skies the limit with the straps we have in our shop.

Model 2 Premium

Just got that brand new spanking Pilot watch? Or are you someone that doesn't care what some may think and throw your diver on a strap? Well our Model 2 Premium is the perfect strap for you. Horween Top Leather with a Vegetable Tan lining, the thick Model 2 Premium is right at home with any casual or sporty watch. And with eleven color options, your bound to find something that works with the newest addition to your collection.

Roadster Strap

Looking for that perfect pairing for your sporty chronograph. Maybe you envision yourself at the track with a rally strap on your Tag Heuer Monaco, clocking in lap times. Whatever the case may be, our Roadster Strap is up to the task. Thick Italian leather, perforated to allow the skin to breath as you white knuckle it through a chicane. Or make it just in time for your daughter's ballet recital. 

ADPT US-Made Mil or Single Pass Strap 

The nylon strap. A great way to shed the weight off of a diver and give it the all day wear feel many want. Whether vacationing on a tropical island or an outing at the pool, a good nylon strap has a place in every collection.

With our US-Made Mil and Single Pass Strap, you get a tightly woven 420D nylon that can stand the elements. A choice of 12 colors. With the only differentiator being metal hardware on the US-Made Mil while the US-Made Single Pass uses a nylon keeper.

Special Promotion

Browse the Windup Website and take a look at these and many other straps we currently offer. We carry rubber straps and metal bracelets in the shop as well, from brands like Staib, Forstner and Zodiac.

And should you decide to add any strap to your cart, from now until the end of June, enjoy a free gift; our Key Chain Spring Bar Tool. Need to make a quick strap change on the go or maybe it's a hot summer day and you need to make a quick micro adjustment on your bracelet. The Key Chain Spring Bar Tool makes the perfect companion,