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Now Available at Windup Watch Shop: Two Hamilton Watches with Vintage Military Roots
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Winter is in full effect, but today we’re going to be bringing you two watches from Hamilton that are great year-round. Both are sporty and rugged with 100m of water resistance, sapphire crystals, and awesome, vintage military aesthetics. Throw them on leather in when it’s cold out, nylon when it’s warm, and you’ll be good no matter the situation. Today, we’re excited to add the Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer Chrono Quartz and Khaki Field Murph Auto to the Windup Watch Shop.

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Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer Chrono Quartz

Hamilton’s lines of military watches draw on their rich history and archives, plucking timepieces out of the past to recreate today. This watch is a hybrid of couple of those watches. The first is the W10 pilots watch from the 70s, which was recreated in the Pilot Pioneer Mechanical. The second is also from the 70s, in the asymmetrical chronographs worn by RAF pilots. The first provides the basis of the dial design, the second its case.

Measuring 41mm, the case cleverly bows out on the right side encompassing and protecting the crown and pushers. The dial is then super legible and highly attractive, mixing a textured surface, large white numerals, and warm, parchment lume. Powered by the ETA G10.211 quartz chronograph caliber, this is a watch that is as fun and durable as it is affordable. Grab one now on nylon for $595 or leather for $625.

Khaki Field Murph Auto

It’s not often that a practical, affordable watch gets the spotlight in a blockbuster film, which is part of why we love the Murph. Nearly identical to the watch worn by the eponymous character, this 42mm field watch has an early 20th-century aesthetic that is timeless and stylish. In the film, the watch goes on to literally transcend time and space, giving it special significance beyond being a family heirloom.

Featuring a black dial with dark, off-white lume, the Murph has an appealing aged look and overall low-key demeanor. Though based on vintage field watch designs, it’s doesn’t feel like a replica, and is a welcome addition to your everyday outfits. It’s also powered by the very modern H-10 Swiss-made automatic caliber, which boasts an impressive 80-hour power reserve. For those who are fans of the film, there is a very subtle easter egg hidden on the seconds hand. The Murph is available now on leather for $995.