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Now Available - Yema Mario Andretti Rallye Chronographs
Words by Windup Watch Shop

There’s an interesting side effect to people achieving greatness - while the people are rightly at the center of these triumphs, the objects they used, clothing and accessories they wore, etc, become a part of the story as well, and thus get exalted along with them. Such is the case with Mario Andretti’s 1969 Indy 500 win and the watch he wore that day. While the likes of Heuer and Rolex might have dominated the tracks at the time, Mr. Andretti was wearing a watch he purchased himself simply because he liked it. A distinctive mechanical chronograph with looks that still make it stand out, the Yema Rallye was on Mr. Andretti’s wrist as he crossed the finish line.

For the 50th anniversary of this event, Yema teamed up with Mr. Andretti to create a duo of watches to celebrate his win. Both inspired by the watch he wore that day, one is an exacting mechanical recreation, and the other is a fun and affordable meca-quartz version. We’re excited to say that today both are available at the Windup Watch Shop.

Yema Rallye Andretti Limited Edition

The Rallye Andretti Limited Edition is as close as you can get to the ‘60s original without finding one in a vault somewhere. At 39mm and with the same signature dial featuring exotic sub-registers, checkered flags at six, and red racing lines by nine, it has all the style of the watch Mr. Andretti wore (and still has, by the way). Powered by the Valjoux 7753, the limited edition has a modern, automatic engine bringing it up to today’s standards. Limited to 1,969 pieces worldwide, the Yema Rallye Andretti comes with three leather straps and is available now for $2,699.

Yema Meca-Quartz Rallygraf Andretti

For the more affordable, Meca-Quartz version, Yema created a watch that mixes some of the vintage style of the original with a few modern details as well. Most noticeably, the dial is now made of carbon fiber. Clearly a contemporary material, it adds some very appealing texture and depth to the dial. The carbon also makes the white exotic sub-dials really stand out. Tying it with the original, Yema added in red lines on the left side of the dial as well. Lastly, right above the date at six you’ll find Mario Andretti’s signature, making this version extra special for race fans. Pick this on up now for $399.