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Now in Stock, Three new Junghans Watches
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Over the last week, a few interesting things happened at the Windup Watch Shop. First, we added Affirm as a way to pay at the shop. Affirm allows you to pay for something in installments, which can really come in handy. It’s easy to use too, just select it at checkout and go from there.

Next, we quietly added three new Junghans watches to the shop! In the coming weeks, months, years, we plan to bring in a lot of new and awesome stuff, so be sure to check back on the Chronicle for news, and other interesting things, to say on top of it. Also, please sign up for our newsletter by entering you email in the signup in the footer for regular highlights and news from the shop.

Now, on to the watches.

First we have the Max Bill Hand-winding featuring a matte silver dial with numerals. With a 34mm case, the hand-wound Max Bill’s are as close to the originals from the early 60’s as you can get. The full numeral version seen here is an ideal everyday watch, mixing fantastic legibility with sleek, mid-century style. Grab one now for $695.

Next, we have the Form C with matte silver, numeral dial. The newest of Junghans’ lines, the Form watches draw on the heritage of the brand while carving out a new, more technical aesthetic. Defined by sharp geometry and clean typography, the Form C is a daily wear watch perfect for the office. The C (for chronograph) features a quartz movement and is one of the few Junghans with a sapphire crystal. At $495 these are a great value.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Meister Hand-Wound in blue. An exceptional dress watch, the Meister Hand-Wound is 37.7mm in diameter and a svelte 7.3mm in heights, making it small enough to be discreet, yet big enough to noticeable, and so thin it will glide under a shirt cuff. This version mixes a tasteful dark blue Sunray dial with a bright tan leather strap, giving it undeniable character. Grab one before your next formal even right here for $1,295.