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Now in the Shop - Damasko DA 34, 44, 46, 47 and DC 57
Words by Windup Watch Shop

In the past few weeks, we’ve added quite a few Damasko watches to the shop. From multiple colors of the 39mm, hardened sub-steel DS 30, to the Eurofighter-approved, silicon-hairspring packing DC 56 Si. Today, we’re adding five more tough-as-nails tool watches to our collection ranging from a modern interpretation of a three-hand pilot, to a full-lume dial chrono, all of which include Damasko’s ice-hardened steel cases, patented crown systems, and inner anti-magnetic cages.

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Damasko DA 34

The DA 34 is a reinterpretation of the classic 40mm three-hand pilot’s watch using an aggressive modern dial. In lieu of the bold numerals common to pilot’s there are sharp, pointed markers, doubling up at three, six, nine and twelve. The markers at twelve are then rendered in dark red, giving the watch a healthy dose of attitude. Available now starting at $1,113

Damasko DA 44

Building on the DA 34, the 44 adds Damasko incredible bi-directional, ceramic bearing bezel into the mix. Adding functionality and upping the overall “tank-iness” of the watch, the bezel is a fantastic addition. Available now starting at $1,347

Damasko DA 46 Black

Like the DA 44, the DA 46 Black is the bezeled version of the DA 36 Black. Stealthy, rugged and effortlessly cool, the DA 46 Black is an exceptional tool watch. The bright shock of yellow from the seconds hand is particularly impactful against the black bezel. Available now starting at $1,445

Damasko DA 47

Yup, the DA 47 is the bezeled version of the DA 37. Once again, the black bezel insert here really makes the crisp white dial pop, giving this cool, modern pilot’s watch an even more unique presence. Available now starting at $1,366

Damasko DC 57

And now for something completely different… The DC 57 is the full-lume dial version of Damasko’s go-to 40mm chronograph. Compact, super-tough, understated, value-packed, and now with a full-lume dial. What’s not to like? Available now starting at $1,776

 For more info on Damasko, be sure to watch the Worn & Wound video below