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Now in the Shop - New RIOS1931 Straps
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Today, we’re excited to add a few additional styles of RIOS1931 straps to the Windup Watch Shop. With uncompromising quality, hand-finished details, style to spare yet modest price tags, the German-made RIOS1931 straps are a fantastic option for your watches. To flesh out the catalog of RIOS1931 straps we already offer, we are bringing in four new styles, ranging from rugged to quite elegant.

Bund Strap

If you like rugged tool and sport watches, you should definitely consider adding a Bund strap to your collection. Originally created by the German military, these two-piece leather straps feature a pad that sits underneath your watch, connecting the buckle and hole side of the strap. By doing this, Bunds act kind of like passthrough mil-straps, in that should a springbar fail, the watch won’t fall off. Functionality aside, they are well loved for their bulky, masculine style which looks good on everything from pilots watches to motorsport chronos. The Bund straps are available in either rich Chestnut or Matte black for $55.

Waxed Canvas 2-Piece

If you’re as excited for the Fall and colder weather as we are, this might be the strap for you. Thick, straight-cut and made of leather wrapped in heavy-duty waxed canvas, these are just made to take on hikes. The rugged texture of the canvas is complemented by the wax coating, both of which will patina and age beautifully as you wear them. Hand-sewn double-wide stitching finishes the look. Put these on your tool watches and don’t look back. The Waxed Canvas 2-Piece straps are available in drab Olive, faded Stone or tactical Black for $50.

Dress Full-Stitch

Not every watch needs or looks good with a rugged strap, and the Dress Full-Stitches make up for that. Clean, tapered straps made of hearty but elegant veg-tanned leather, these are the perfect choice for business casual and dressier timepieces. They are understated, letting your watch do the talking, yet are beautifully detailed with hand-sewn saddle seams set into channels, a detail setoff by the slight twist in the thread. The Dress Full-Stitch straps are available now in deep Black, warm Chestnut and unique Pewter for $45.

Suede Full-Stitch

If you are into the straps above, but want something with more texture, then Suede is the right choice. Also an elegant, understated choice, they feature an appealing taper and color-matched edge stitching. The star of the show here is the leather, which is a short-nap suede with a very tight structure. This gives the straps a very even, matte texture that will emphasize the finishing on your watches, rather than overshadow. The Suede Full-Stitch straps are available now in silky Black, stylish Cocoa and vibrant Honey for $45.