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Our American-made Watch Rolls are Back in Three New Colors - Now at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It’s been just about a year since we last launched a set of Watch Roll colors, so today, with Fall just around the corner, we’re excited to release our newest batch of rugged, waxed canvas and Horween leather rolls. Our approach to our watch rolls is simply “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Always made out of the best materials, always featuring double stitched pockets, full ultrasuede lining, and a fifth pocket for your strap changing tool (our creation, btw), our watch rolls have always gotten the job done. Shop our American-Made Watch Rolls here, all for $150.

For Fall 2020 we have three new handsome versions: Waxed Black, Gray Grid Wax, and Waxed Hunter Green.

The Waxed Black watch roll is our first with matching black canvas, trim and detailing. Deceptively simple, the materials themselves stand out and shine. The canvas is 18oz waxed filter twill, a favorite of ours, which has a heavy texture and supple feel. It makes for a great protective shell. The leather is then black Horween Chromexcel, one of their most famous leathers. While it has a dark, oily black surface this leather has a brown core that will become more present as the leather is worked and aged, giving it a unique patina. Black cord, toggle and dark gray interior keep this roll nice and subtle.

This next roll is all about featuring yet another of our favorite canvases, the gray grid wax. A 10oz canvas, this one features a distinct “grid” pattern made from a heavier weave, and an appealing cool gray tone. To emphasize this cool tonality we used Horween navy blue Chromexcel for the pockets and trim. While called “Navy” it’s actually more of a teal, with a prominent green tint from the underlying brown flesh. No matter what you call it, it’s very attractive. A blue cord, brown toggle and gray interior round this roll out.

Lastly we have Waxed Hunter Green. For those who remember our very first watch rolls, this might look familiar. Sort of a riff on the original green/brown outer-wear-inspired paring, for 2020 we’ve gone with an 18oz filter twill canvas again, and Horween Natural Derby for the pockets and trim. A leather with a lot of character, no two rolls are the same, each featuring tons of grain and variation in the bright tan flesh. To complement the leather, we’ve gone with a brown toggle, cord and interior.