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Outdoors? Underwater? Anywhere else? The Fortis Marinemasters Have You Covered - Available Now at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Part of the appeal of a dive watch is that by its very nature it’s tough. It’s basically defined by this very fact. Anything that can survive being submerged a few hundred meters underwater is built to last in more ways than one. So, it can also take the wear and tear of daily life in stride. As such, though one might never actually plan to go deeper than the standard deep end of a pool might take them, a dive watch is a welcome part of any collection as just a go-to watch for everyday life, and certainly for general adventure.

Fortis knows this and has aimed their new Marinemaster line at this fact. Though built as uber-tough tool dive watches, they think of them as watches for outdoors in general. Sometimes even a mild hike can get a bit hairy (as a recent experience with a sudden squall taught me), and you definitely will want to make sure your watch is ready for it. With the Fortis Marinemaster M-40 and M-44 models, it will be ready and thensome. We’re excited to say that both models are now available at the Windup Watch Shop.

Marinemaster M-40

While many of the trappings of your classic dive watch are present on the Marinemaster, the overall design, look, and feel are refreshingly different. The 40mm x 43mm x 12.3mm barrel cases with 300m of water resistance, have a slightly 20th century feel, nodding to the history of the line, but a thoroughly modern attitude. They also guarantee a comfortable fit on the wrist. Blocky crown guards and the black-edged “Gear Bezel” give the Marinemasters a rugged style that is hard not to like. For good measure, they are also constructed using recycled steel. 

Where the case is tough and even a touch brutal (in a way we like) the dial brings some elegance and levity to the package. Featuring applied markers with lume fill, and simple but legible sword hands, the star of the show is the dial surface, which has a unique grid texture. Eye-catching and different, the texture is emphasized by one of four distinctive colors: Rockstone Gray, Serenity Blue, Snow White, and Woodpecker Green. At night, a ring of lume that circles the dial puts on quite the show.

Powering the Marinemaster M-40 is the UW-30, which is a rebadged Sellita SW-200 Swiss-made automatic caliber. You then have your choice of a color matched “Horizon” rubber strap for $2,850, or the heavy-duty steel block bracelet for $3,200. Available here

Marinemaster M-44

If the M-40 isn’t tough enough for you, or you’re looking for a watch with some more features, the M-44 has you covered. Though it features the same general design, there are some important differences. First, it’s a larger watch at 44mm x 48mm x 14.2mm, though the lug-to-lug is still within comfortable territory. The water resistance also gets a bump up from 300m to a mighty 500m.

There’s a new crown at 10, but it doesn’t do what you might expect. This isn’t a helium valve, rather it’s a bezel lock. Giving it a turn allows you to rotate the 120-click bi-directional bezel. The dial design is the same, but there’s only one color available, Amber Orange, which features a black dial and a rusty orange chapter ring.

Lastly, inside is the WERK 11 chronometer-rated movement. Manufactured by Kenissi for Fortis, it’s Swiss-made and has an impressive power reserve of 70-hours. The M-44 comes in at $4,150 on an orange rubber Horizon strap, and $4,500 on a steel block bracelet. Available here