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Recent Limited Editions: MAEN and BOLDR Creations with Worn & Wound
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It’s been a busy year here at Worn & Wound and the Windup Watch Shop, and one of the most enjoyable aspects of being in this space is the ability to get creative and collaborate with our partners on exciting new products. Limited Editions, or LEs, allow creative juices to run wild while conceptualizing something on a smaller scale for those who are in the know. They also provide avenues for new folks to join the hobby and for everyone to have the chance to own something extra special. Two of our recent LEs are the MAEN x Worn & Wound Manhattan and the BOLDR x Worn & Wound 3xT GMT. Offered at similar price points, these are two very different but equally intriguing collections – let’s take a closer look.

MAEN x Worn & Wound Manhattan Limited Edition

MAEN is a relative newcomer on the watch scene but has wasted little time building a compelling product line. The Manhattan is the brand’s tribute to a particular 1970s chronometer of royal origin – but reinterpreted for today. With a shape somewhere between a rectangle and an octagon, the Manhattan's aesthetic is at once distinctly retro and modern. The two limited models in partnership with Worn & Wound are the result of some tweaks from the regular production references; the magic is in taking away a few elements while adding others. The typical Geneva striped finishing on the dial, as well as eight of the twelve hour markers, are gone. Gone, too, are the minute hash marks around the edge of the dial. In place of the Côtes de Genève stripes is a dramatic fumé gradient in one of two shades, which adds to the 70s vibes of it all. A chapter ring with hashes at each hour helps retain structure while injecting practical simplicity. The MAEN Manhattan LE is among the most interesting and accessible integrated sport watches on the market for south of $1,000, and with either color option – burgundy and blue – you can live out your bell-bottom disco dreams in style. 

BOLDR x Worn & Wound 3xT GMT

The world of GMT and travel watches has shrunken a lot the past few years as new collectors have flocked to the popular format. It’s an appealing kind of watch – cosmopolitan, practical. The romance and allure of travel are hard to resist. Enter the Miyota 9075, the shot heard ‘round the watch world. Bringing so-called “true GMT” function to a price point previously unheard of, the 9075 allows watches like the BOLDR x Worn & Wound 3xT GMT to grace the wrists of rejoicing enthusiasts everywhere. As a primer, these watches’ primary hour hands can be set independently of the 24-hour hand (and carrying the date should you cross that threshold). The BOLDR x W&W LEs are offered in two fun color schemes: the “Blue” version features a turquoise inner bezel, giving way to burnt yellow and teal touches with red accents on the hands and date window border (and look at that color-matched date wheel – finally, somebody is paying attention). The “Gray'' version is more subdued with an appealing combination of grays, yellows, and blues. Both watches exude lighthearted vibes with their inner 24-hour rings, blocky hour markers, dual purpose bezel, and complementary colored straps. In short, they are the purest kind of enthusiast's watches: accessible, functional, and fun.