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Shop Announcement: New Staib Mesh Bracelets and Last Chance to Order for Christmas
Words by Windup Watch Shop

We have one last shop addition before the year comes to an end, but before we get to it, some housekeeping. Today, December 18th, is the LAST DAY to place an order for delivery by the 25th (USPS First Class) in the USA. So, stop debating which color is best, double-check your lug widths, and place the order! Now, on to something new.

Staib Milanese Mesh

Today we’re excited to add our first non-leather strap to the Windup Watch Shop. For a long time, we’ve been fans of Milanese Mesh bracelets. They are great to have in your strap collection as they can be swapped in basically anywhere a two-piece leather strap will fit, and completely change the look and feel of a watch. They can dress up pretty much any watch, or add a clean, minimal style to unexpected places. Additionally, thanks to their woven structure, they are very breathable, so a great alternative in the warmer months.

But, not all mesh is the same, so we went to the brand that is renowned as the best, Staib. Based in Pforzheim, Germany, Staib are regarded as pioneers of the mesh bracelet, creating durable, beautiful and fairly priced products. For our introduction of the brand we took the curated approach. Well, ultra-curated to be exact, as we’ve only brought in one bracelet. Featuring a 1.9mm thick mesh, these are perfect for anything from vintage to dress to sport watches, and incredibly comfortable. They feature sliding clasps for easy, universal sizing, and a tightly woven mesh that just looks great.

The Staib Milanese Mesh bracelet is currently available in 20mm and costs $45. Be sure to pick one up today to add a little class to your collection.