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Introducing the DuFa Günter - An Integrated Steel Sports Watch you Can Get

With a price tag of $570, the DuFa Günter can get you that coveted integrated steel sports watch look at a very reasonable price

Introducing the Tool Watch Box - the Watch Display Box you've Been Waiting for

Today we are overwhelming excited to officially announce our newest must-have accessory - the Tool Watch Box - your new go-to solution for storing your watches at home.

Welcome Yema Watches to the Windup Watch Shop

It is with great excitement that today we announce that Windup Watch Shop is now an authorized dealer of Yema Watches - their first in the US in many years.

Free Shipping on Orders over $100 to the US & $150 to Canada*
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Words by Sean Lorentzen

Plenty of individual designers have gone on to become famous. Design movements from neoclassicism to Art Deco are rightly well-known as well. But only one design school has gone on to become not just a household name, but a cornerstone of a century of design thinking. I’m talking, of course, about the Bauhaus. The clean, minimal approach the Bauhaus taught has found its way into the watch world in a thousand different iterations through a thousand different designers, but perhaps none have put a better personal spin on the style than Max Bill. In decades of partnership with Junghans, Bill provided the world with starkly beautiful designs with a distinct personality.

Born outside of Zurich on December 22, 1908, Bill showed an affinity for form from a very early age. By age sixteen, he was working as an apprentice silversmith in the town of Winterthur, and after two years he enrolled at the legendary Bauhaus. Full article on Worn & Wound...