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The Roundup: Stunning Louis Erard Watches, Some Unique Gear, and a Welcome Promotion Code
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Roundup is the Windup Watch Shop's weekly rundown of the latest and greatest watches, accessories, EDC, and more. Top billing belongs to the Treat Yourself category, which spotlights special watches worth their price tag, while the Value-Packed Pick celebrates a timepiece that provides great bang for buck. Upgrade Your Kit highlights indispensable everyday carry gadgets. When You Have Too Many Watches is all about accessories and peripherals for your watch collection. Last but not least, the Deal of the Week is a limited time bargain that you will not want to miss. Don’t forget to join the Windup Watch Shop Rewards Program to save and earn points with every purchase. The Windup Team is also available to schedule a consultation or demo with you to answer any questions you may have.

This week we start with crowd-favorite Louis Erard Petite Seconde watches. Next, we admire the ruggedness and value of Casio's new G-Shock Utility Black Series with Cordura material. Our friends at The James Brand and Nitecore bring the heat with some awesome gear, and we end our Roundup with a special code for first-time shoppers. Whether you’re new here or just tuning in for this week’s Roundup, welcome! 

Treat Yourself: Louis Erard Excellence Petite Seconde

The Louis Erard brand known the world over for fun and creative takes on beautiful watches. We appreciate their eye for detail and ability to deliver high horology features and designs at approachable prices. The Louis Erard Excellence Petite Seconde is a poster child for such values, featuring standout dial designs and finishes. Each reference brings a character of its own and is executed to exacting standards. These are the kinds of watches that look better the close you look. 

Value-Packed Pick: G-Shock Corduras Collection

Retro-inspired watches are fun, but to appreciate what Casio is cooking up in the modern age, look no further than the G-Shock Utility Black Series with Cordura fabric. G-Shock succeeded the original Casiotron by nearly a decade but has always been on the cutting edge of materials science and technology. Enter the Utility Black Series and, for the first time, a partnership with Cordura Eco Fabric. This collection – which comprises the 2100, 700, and 5600-series references – makes a strong value packed pick thanks to its rugged strap material and easy-change strap system. Cordura is often found on hardcore gear and has made its way into myriad military and outdoor applications, so marrying it with G-Shock is a no-brainer. 

Upgrade Your Kit: The James Brand Mehlville

Upgrading Your Kit is about building a foundation of quality gear that quietly works in the background with the kind of reliability you would expect. What The James Brand has managed to achieve with one solid block of aluminum is incredible. The Mehlville, which can be had in a variety of colors, is an exercise in excellence in simplicity. Its dual compartments – one larger than the other – ensures a secure attachment regardless of your use case. A spring-loaded gate keeps things secure, and we also appreciate the clever integration of a bottle opener on the side. Pick up one today and crack open a few cold ones to enjoy.

When You Have Too Many Watches: BB Rechargeable Duster

The Nitecore BB2 Rechargeable Duster is the kind of godsend we never knew we needed. Instrumental for cleaning camera lenses and equipment, laptops, keyboards, you name it, the BB2 uses a motor that winds to 30,000 RPM but also includes three distinct modes for different cleaning applications: Turbo, Optical, and Silent. The duster is compact and perfect for travel, and its rechargeable battery makes it an easy grab-and-go option. It’s one of those rare things that makes you think “why didn’t I get one sooner?” 

Deal of the Week: Special Code WWSFIRST

Okay, so it hasn’t exactly been a secret. But for the neophytes and first-time shoppers here at the Windup Watch Shop, we’ve got a hack for you. Use the special code “WWSFIRST” at check-out to receive an additional 10% off select items from our store. Happy shopping, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the Shop if you have any questions!