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The Windup Watch Shop Holiday Gift Guide Under $200
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Don’t know what to buy the watch lover in your life? Is a vintage Speedmaster out of your budget? Well, you’re in luck because every hobby has its essential accessories and watches are no different.

The Windup Watch Shop is full of options, including gift cards, but here we’ll be focusing on some of our favorite accessories and home goods under $200* that are sure to please your watch enthusiast—no matter their preferred wrist style.

*And one that’s just a smidge over the budget!

As a watch collector, there’s no feeling that’s worse than picking up your favorite automatic timepiece and realizing you need to reset the day, date, and hour because it stopped ticking in the middle of the night. Our Juvo X Worn & Wound Watch Winder ($160) is a must-have accessory for anyone with at least one automatic watch, since it’ll keep those days, dates, and hours ticking by when it’s off your wrist for long periods of time.

The Worn & Wound Watch Roll ($150)—which is available in Black Wax, Gray Grid Wax, and Hunter Green—has enough pockets to hold up to four watches, making it great for home storage, or taken on the road when you need to have a diver, field watch, and dress watch all in tow. Plus, it’s got an extra fifth pocket, sized for our custom Strap-Changing Multi Tool ($30), the must-have accessory for every serious tinkerer, available in blue and black.

Made in small batches by hand, Convoy Co.’s fantastic leather goods offer high quality gifts at affordable prices. The Single Watch Pouch ($60), and the Duo Watch Roll ($75), are constructed from Italian Nappa leather in Black, Blue, or Green, and are one of the most stylish ways to store your watches securely at home, or in your weekender. The Spring Bar Tool Pouch ($20) is also a great way to store one of our strap-changing multi-tools.

Available in two styles, nine brilliant colors, and three classic sizes, our American-made, nylon ADPT straps are some of the most versatile and affordable options available in the Windup Watch Shop. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of color with Thalo Blue or Paprika, or keep it subtle with Black or Navy, there’s a strap for nearly every watch in the ADPT collection.

The original ADPT Mil-Strap ($46) is based on a military design that cleverly features a security-band underneath, ensuring that your watch stays on should a spring bar fail. The recently added Single Pass strap ($39) features just a strip of nylon, a wide, fixed keeper, and a sewn-in buckle, offering the comfort and breathability of nylon with a more minimal style.


The ADPT Collection also features the EDC Watch Fold ($85), a tough nylon and neoprene carrying case built to keep your gear secure wherever you take it, which is also cut, assembled, and sewn in the U.S.

Named after streets in our hometown of Brooklyn, the Sackett, Hoyt, Degraw, and Wyckoff strap collections ($75) utilize interesting leathers and textures, and stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship. Refresh an old strap on a favorite dress watch with these twelve different suede, nubuck, pebble-grained, and waxy leather options. In addition, to 20mm and 22mm sizes, these watch straps are also available in 19mm for those hard to upgrade vintage watch straps.

The Windup Watch Shop also has great gift ideas for the home, including the Tait Wood Wall Clock ($185), which is made out of solid maple, steel, and aluminum from 100% USA-sourced materials, assembled in Detroit, and available in Slate and Glacier dials.

If you’re looking for a stylish way to keep track of the day and month, there’s the MoMA Perpetual Desk Calendar ($38). And if it’s design is good enough for international travel, Mondaine’s 2-in-1 Swiss Railway Alarm Clock ($210*) will look just right on your bedside table, your desk, or even hanging up on your wall.