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Take a Little Time For Yourself with Brew Watches

Every watch company talks about capturing and memorializing time, but only one was founded around the idea of taking a little time for yourself. Since the beginning of 2015, Brew Watch Co. has encouraged savoring the moment by taking inspiration from one of the most universal moments of personal reflection: the coffee break. This New York-based design house takes a unique approach to design, offering the softened edges and warm tones of a relaxing cup of coffee or the smooth purpose of an industrial espresso machine without any sort of overt references or gimmicks. The overall feel of Brew is comfortable, relaxed and yet still refined, able to tackle a busy day in the boardroom or a quiet weekend at home with equal ease. The build quality Brew provides is stunning, with impeccable manufacture and finishing coupled to dependable Seiko NH35 automatic movements.

About the Founder

Jonathan Ferrer is no stranger to the world of watch design. Before founding Brew in early 2015, Ferrer worked as an industrial designer for a variety of brands including Movado, along with penning concepts for everything from sneakers to glasses to sport motorcycles. This rounded training shows through in his work at Brew, where Ferrer’s holistic approach and attention to detail create a timepiece that feels beautiful from every angle.

Ferrer’s own words on the process encapsulate Brew’s inspiration and ethos perfectly: “We pay close attention to details. We believe in savoring the moment, treasuring your time. Unwind by yourself, share it with someone, but always remember to enjoy it.”

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