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Headquartered in Barbing, Germany in the heart of Bavaria, Damasko produces some of the toughest and most advanced tool watches in the world. Founded by Konrad Damasko in 1994, the Damasko family and brand at large have made several breakthrough advancements in mate-rials over the past 24 years, borrowing technology from aerospace and military applications. At its heart, Damasko is all about pushing the durability of the mechanical watch to its absolute limit, resulting in harder, more scratch resistant steel, more shock resistant movements, improved anti-magnetism, water resistance, and longer intervals between servicing.

Even other brands have acknowledged Damasko’s technical prowess, licensing several Damasko technologies for their own pieces. Damasko knows that a great tool watch is more than technology, though. Everything from pilots to chronographs, divers and even dress watches has been designed for maximum legibility and utility at a moment’s notice, creating a bold, purposeful overall brand aesthetic.


Damasko’s innovations extend to almost every major part of their watches, including the ones listed below: 

  • Ice-Hardened Steel: Damasko’s proprietary ice-tempered, nickel-free stainless steel has been used in their cases since the brand’s inception in 1994, and offers nearly four times the hardness and massively improved scratch resistance over normal 316L stainless steel. Corrosion resistance is also improved, allowing extended exposure to ocean water without degradation.


  • DAMEST® Black Coating: The unique multi-layer DAMEST® coating used for cases, crowns and pushers is unlike other black coatings used in the watch industry, providing additional scratch resistance (2500HV) as well as surface resistance to impact.


  • DIN Certified Anti-Magnetism: High resistance to magnetism is ensured by a specialized three-part inner case made of martensitic stainless steel comprised of the dial, movement retaining ring and a second inner caseback, forming a full antimagnetic cage for the movement (all watches except the DS 30).


  • Gasket and Patented Lubrication System: Inside of the crowns and pushers, a unique gasket system incorporating a pair of Viton gaskets around a patented lubrication cell provide extraordinary water and dust resistance along with completely preventing gasket wear.


  • Patented Crown System: Damasko's screw-down crowns feature their uniquely improved system that combines reengineered components, hardened materials and the gasket and lubrication system above to create exceptionally durable, decoupling crowns. This means that when the crown is being screwed back in, it doesn't engage the movement, increasing the life of the movement.
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