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About Laco Watches

Founded in 1925, Laco is a brand with a rich and continually developing history. Originally founded as Lacher & Co, Laco was and still is based in Pforzheim, Germany. In the 1940’s, they were selected as one of only a few brands to produce the now iconic Flieger watches for the German Airforce. Today, they mix heritage with innovation to create a range of watches in different styles and price points, from entry-level pilots watches to hand-aged, one-off masterpieces.

Quintessential to the Laco catalog is the Pilot Watch Original line. Featuring replica cases in terms of design and style to the pilots watches worn in the 40’s, the Pilot Watch Originals showcase Laco’s heritage. From the distinctive flat lugs, to the dark matte finish, to the engraved “FL23883” on the case side, these watches exude quality and attention to detail. Available in Type A or Type B dials, in 39 and 42mm cases, there is a version for every Flieger fan.

Made in Pforzheim
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