About Martenero

Since bursting onto the scene in early 2014, Martenero has established themselves as one of the leading microbrands in the current watch landscape. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the brand offers a mix of classic concepts and modern design language to create something completely original to Martenero. These distinctive designs take cues from everything from pilots and field watches to classic dress pieces, but one of the standout pieces of the entire collection is a modernist take on the iconic marine chronometer- the Edgemere. The Edgemere adds a playful, preppy flair to marine chronometer style through all four of its colorways, making an often stodgy category feel relaxed and accessible.

CEO/ Founder John Tarantino

Martenero founder John Tarantino didn’t come to the challenge of starting his own brand with any design or watchmaking experience. On the contrary, Tarantino’s background is in New York real estate, but his personal passion as a collector never left him satisfied in the real estate field. Leaving a successful career for a new endeavor is never easy, especially such a different one, but it’s one that Tarantino took to like a fish to water. Since then, he’s taken steps not only to refine the watches themselves, but to move as much production as possible to Brooklyn. Tarantino’s dedication to the “American Made” idea goes far deeper than a label, and that dedication shows in the quality craftsmanship of the final product

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