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About Vortic Watch Co

It’s impossible to miss a Vortic. Since their establishment in December 2014, Vortic Watch Co has built a name for itself resurrecting the former glory of American watchmaking. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Vortic’s unique approach begins with a piece of history itself- each Vortic timepiece starts with an antique pocket watch movement and dial from a heritage American brand such as Ball, Waltham, Elgin and the Illinois Watch Company.  This antique origin lends every Vortic watch a completely unique appearance, with each individual piece offering a different blend of style and patina. Vortic surrounds these historic internals with brand new wristwatch cases. While converting pocket watches for wrist wear is nothing new (in fact, the first wristwatches were exactly this), Vortic’s cutting edge approach certainly is. Each of these custom cases is 3D printed metal, blending the newest manufacturing practices with real pieces of American manufacturing history.

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