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2023 Holiday Sale: Gifts to Grab in the Final Hours
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN! You've waited till' the absolute last moment to grab that gift you've always wanted for yourself or for that person in your life who finally dropped a hint you can act on. Whatever the case, you now find yourself scrambling through our Gift Guides and Sales and Promotions page for the perfect gift. Well, I'm here to let you know that we still have a ton of great items in stock. And the icing on the cake? Today, until 1:00pm EST, we're offering free overnight shipping in the USA on orders over $500. 

Here are three ways to get the most from the last few hours of our Holiday Sale.

Seiko Presage GMT

Windup Watch Shop Gift Cards

If you're still on the fence about the perfect gift, our digital gift cards are the way to go. Grab one today and send it before it's too late. Then that special person on the other end can take their time deciding what it is they want. Maybe they roll the dice and wait for our next Limited Edition. Or grab that special item we currently have on sale to start their year with some new goodness. Balls in their court. 

Watches Between $500 and $1000

Here lies some of the best watch releases of 2023 along with some of the best value when it comes to picking up a new watch. There is the Tissot Sideral, a yacht timer made of forged carbon. The Seiko Prospex Speedtimer 1/100 Sec, a solar powered chronograph that is a marvelous wonder of mechanics. The Marathon Steel Navigator, a watch that many waited years for the brand to create.  Or G-Shocks 40th Anniversary GMWB5000, a timepiece clad in recrystallized and deep-layer hardened stainless steel.

Spend a few minutes browsing the watches we sell in the $500 to $1000 price range and you're bond to find a great gift.

Tissot Sideral


Update Your Everyday Carry

You've reached the holiday's and have decided to up your EDC game. New Knife. New Wallet. New Pen. Look no further as we have an exceptional mix of products you can readily pickup. From the trusty blade on the Giant Mouse Ace Jutland, to the durably crafted Pioneer Carry Altitude Billfold, you'll find the perfect upgrades to your Everyday Carry in the Windup Watch Shop.

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