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Watch Storage Solutions From the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

As collectors and enthusiasts, we know the world of wristwatches reaches far beyond the watches themselves. In fact, accessorizing is one of the best ways to expand and deepen our appreciation for what we have. One of the most fun (and important) considerations is how we store and keep our watches. When traveling, consider a right-sized watch roll that fits the right amount while keeping them secure and protected on the go. At home, a solid roll, box, or case can provide a safe and elegant storage solution. Whatever your need is, we’ve got it all in the Windup Watch Shop; read on to find out. Also, don’t forget to join the Windup Watch Shop’s rewards program to earn points towards rewards with every purchase.

Tool Watch Box

This nostalgic-feeling toolbox has a twist: it holds up to 12 timepieces. Like many watches themselves, this watch box finds its beauty in its utility. The case is made of heavy sheet metal while the inner trays are mahogany-stained wood. Metal clasps provide a secure locking mechanism, and carry handles make it easy to move and store. Within each slot, tweed pouches ensure your watches are protected while adding a dash of style.

ADPT EDC Watch Fold

The ADPT EDC Watch Fold is, true to its name, inspired by EDC gear. It is made of 1000D nylon fabric, neoprene, and 550 paracord – in other words, it’ll handle anything you throw at it. With space to carry up to two watches, the ADPT Watch Fold is versatile and flexible enough to store and carry other accessories and items on your next adventure.

Leather Service Watch Pouch

Perhaps the most classic storage choice for a single watch, the Leather Service Watch Pouch is beautifully simple. It is available in four colors: Carbon Black, Alpine Green, Snuff Brown, and Cinder Gray. Every model features soft honey Alcantara on the inside alongside a cushioned pillow designed to keep your watch in place. The outside is made of leather and should look even better as it ages. The compact size and simple design of this pouch makes it a no brainer for a one-watch storage solution.

Hexagon Watch Tube

The Hexagon Watch Tube is an example of a low-key watch storing rig. Its removable pillows make it easy to shift and access what’s being stored, and its lid doubles as a portable workstation – perfect for strap changes and just displaying your watches. The nylon exterior stands up to the elements while the microsuede interior keeps everything safe. The geometric shape of the tube provides practical stability with a flair of design. This roll won’t roll, but it does come in a variety of colors. 

Convoy Co Duo Watch Roll 

If you thought the Leather Service Watch Pouch was so nice you wanted it twice, then look no further. The Duo Watch Roll is a compact and classy way to lug a couple of pieces anywhere you go. It’s Italian leather. It’s Italian suede. It’s two pouches. Tie up the cords and hit the road.

Convoy Co Nappa Leather Watch Roll

There are under-packers and over-packers. Neither is right or wrong – it’s simply what you prefer. The Nappa Leather Watch Roll is made of, well, full grain Nappa leather and is meant for those who have several special pieces deserving a high-quality home. Pick your flavor: navy, green, or black, and know that your watches will be safe and sound. But wait, there’s more: an additional pocket provides room for tools, straps, and other accessories.