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The BOLDR x Worn & Wound 3XT: A GMT watch ready for adventure
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Worn & Wound has always been about the active lifestyle: exploring the world around us, getting our hands dirty, and, more generally, using our gear – from watches, to knives, to pens – how it was meant to be used. We believe the value of the products we use and create comes from their utility, and in using them we can fully appreciate them. This spirit of adventure and action is what inspired us to collaborate with BOLDR on what can only be considered a rig of a watch: The BOLDR x Worn & Wound 3XT GMT Limited Edition. Read on to find out what makes this watch special and why we’re proud to offer it here in the Windup Watch Shop. As always, remember to join our rewards program to earn points and save with every purchase!

Let’s get the specs out of the way. The 3XT GMT LEs are:

  • 41mm wide at the bezel, 47.5mm lug to lug, and 13.9mm thick
  • Water resistant to 200 meters
  • Powered by the automatic Miyota 9075
  • Secured with a stainless steel exhibition caseback

This compact lug-to-lug measurement ensures that the watch can be worn on wide range of wrists, and it fits the overall ethos of gear that focuses on functionality but stays out of your way otherwise. Under the hood, the Miyota 9075 is a “flyer style” GMT movement that allows for the independent setting of the 12-hour “local” hour hand (and bringing the date alongside), a feature most typically found on far more expensive GMT watches. To build on this functionality, we’ve also configured the 3XT in a dual-crown format – one crown operates the hands, and the other rotates the inner bezel to mark an additional third time zone or double as a timer, not unlike the functionality of what a dive bezel offers. The smaller numerals on the bezel mirror the inner 24-hour dial but allow the wearer to track time on an even more minute level. As a whole, this watch is designed not to merely look useful but to genuinely provide utility through both the dual time zone tracking and additional features that a rotating bezel provides.

The two variants of the BOLDR x Worn & Wound 3XT GMT LE, Blue and Gray, are intentionally styled. As a whole, the color schemes are designed to conjure classic gear coloring. The blue variant features a dark blue rotating bezel whose colorway is echoed by the inner dial where the hour markers sit. The hands are also blue but terminate in splashes of red for maximum contrast and legibility. The remaining area on the dial (e.g. the center portion on which the 24-hour scale is printed) is a bright yellow that works well with the other colors. At six o’clock, on both watches, is the date window – and yes, it’s color matched.

The Gray reference takes a somewhat more subdued approach with a gray outer bezel and dial. The hour markers are white enough to still stand out. The hands are gray and black, save for the smaller GMT hand, which is now a bright yellow. This hand is designed to be read using the 24-hour scale at the center of the dial, also known as “home time”. The larger, local hour hand should be set to whatever time zone the wearer is currently in. Both watches are decidedly tactical in nature and color, and each are bold enough to be interesting without calling too much attention. Think of them like that color-blocked windbreaker you love that is both useful and stylish. Both watches are paired with complementing NATO straps, perfect for exploring.

The BOLDR x Worn & Wound 3XT GMT LE watches are approachable and playful timepieces that combine the best of what BOLDR represents with the unique aesthetic that Worn & Wound embodies. At their core is the idea that anyone can strap one on and jump right into whatever life throws at them. Their sweet-spot sizing, playful (but useful) dial layout, and flyer GMT functionality all combine to create a watch that we couldn't be more proud to offer. Limited to 100 pieces per color, the 3XT GMTs are champions of the idea that a reliable, fun, and interesting watch doesn’t have to break the bank. Grab yours today right here at the Windup Watch Shop.