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Superman Maxi Dial Limited Edition: Pairs Well With
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Our recent collaboration with French watch brand Yema, the Superman Maxi Dial LE ($990), looks great on a variety of straps, from leather to nylon. However, we don't currently offer any 19mm nylon straps in our shop, so we hit up our friends at Crown & Buckle to get a few of their Matte Supreme NATOs. Unsurprisingly, they pair perfectly with our Yema LE.

Crown & Buckle worked with their nylon factory to create a brand new nylon weave, utilizing flat/matte nylon thread. The result is a distinct look, notably missing the sheen typical of 'seatbelt style' nylon. Available in six colors, including the aptly named greige, there isn't an option that doesn't look great on the Superman Maxi Dial LE.


The flat colors of the Supreme NATO pick up the drab colors on the dial and really make them pop. The blonde strap matches the lume, the green adds an obvious camo-style, and the greige has a unique tone that plays off the darks colors of the dial. 

So if you're looking for some strap alternatives to put on our Superman LE, or if you need something fresh for a vintage 19mm watch, head over to Crown & Buckle and check out their Supreme NATOs, the perfect balance of quality and price.