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EDC Picks for the Holidays
Words by Windup Watch Shop

One of the challenges of gift-giving is finding the balance between sentimentality and practicality. Today we will be focusing on the latter by highlighting a few products that have a wide appeal and can find great use in everyday life. This Chronicle is all about EDC items that can be stocking-stuffers or just nice small gifts. They are all handy, useful, and under $100. Check out these and all our other EDC items right here in the Windup Watch Shop!

YStudio Series One

We were so impressed with YStudio’s products that we’ve stocked a selection of their pens, pencils, and sharpeners from their catalog here in the Windup Watch Shop. The Series One is an excellent ballpoint pen made of brass with a layer of black paint on top.  This isn’t your typical pen; the ballpoint is activated by twisting the exposed spring and top mechanism. YStudio even includes some sandpaper with each product in case you want to put your own personal touch on it. This pen would make a thoughtful and easy gift for just about anyone.

Slip-On Wrist Thermometer

We all know someone who is always seeking that next adventure, and the slip-on thermometer is a no-brainer for that explorer (or Explorer). Designed to slide on a NATO strap, this accessory is essential for braving the elements while not adding much visual or literal weight. This is part of a larger series of slip-on tools (e.g. compasses) that make for inexpensive but fun add-ons. Pick up several and you’ll never be shorthanded of a simple but fun gift.

Division Billfold Wallet

Wallets and bags have long been considered meaningful gifts, and the Division Billfold Wallet by Pioneer Carry is no exception. It’s a billfold designed for those who are on the go and has been designed to handle a shenanigan or two; its unique 3-ply nylon construction can even handle a wash cycle. It can hold anywhere up to a dozen cards and also has a full-length cash slo. Available in earth, onyx, or navy options, the Division Billfold makes a strong case as a daily carry through the holiday season, into the new year, and for many years.

We warmly invite you to check out our full selection of everyday carry items in the Windup Watch Shop. From knives, to gear, to bags, and everything in between, there is truly something here for everyone. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you need any assistance as you continue your holiday shopping!