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From Snoopy to PAC-MAN - New Timex Watches Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
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It’s time for another drop of some awesome, fun, and very affordable Timex watches. When we launched Timex in the shop, we kicked off with three flavors of their highly regarded Q Timex model. A ‘70s throwback if ever there was one, the exotic 38mm barrel case, 12-hr bezel, sharp finishing, domed acrylic crystal, folded link bracelet, bold use of color, and sub-$200 price point make them hard to pass by. Today, we’re excited to add four - yes, FOUR - new versions of the Q to our shop.

But before we get to those, we’ve also added two additional versions of the undeniably fun, ‘80s nostalgic T80 x PAC-MAN watches to the shop. With the eponymous character running around the bezel and his signature tune playing instead of a beeping alarm, these classic digital watches are fun whether you remember the ‘80s or not. We’re excited to now have these watches in silver and gold, check them out here.

New Q Timex Watches 

Now, on to the Qs. Joining the party first is the new black dial with red/black bezel. Commonly referred to as a “coke” coloration, it’s a classic sports watch palette that is handsome and masculine. Timex made the smart choice of using black day and date wheels, matching the dial for an overall sleeker look.

From coke, we go to “root beer” with this rose gold cased version. Sporting a black dial with gold markings and a black and red/brown bezel over rose gold, this watch glows a coppery tone. Rich and warm in tonality, it’s a gorgeous version of the Q for those looking for something a bit more decadent, yet still fun and tasteful.

A little yellow gold goes a long way, so with this fully golden model, you go all the way and back again. Featuring a bright gold case, bracelet, and bezel, this one is for those who want to make a bit more of a statement. Timex tempered the yellow metal with a blue dial, that looks great against gold, and a dark, black/blue split bezel. If you’ve ever wanted to test the waters with an all gold watch, you can do it here without spending five-figures.

Last and the farthest-from-least possible, we have the Snoopy Q. Featuring the same blue dial with blue/red bezel as the first Q, there is one notable and highly obvious element that sets this watch apart - the large Snoopy on the dial. Sitting at six is the iconic and always lovable image of Snoopy, coin stamped for extra impact. As part of Timex’ celebration of the 70th anniversary of Peanuts, this watch is not only a fun tribute to the comic and character, but a potentially collectible piece as well.