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G-Shock is Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Ed Jelley

Every watch collector needs a tough-as-nails digital watch in their collection. It’s never fun picking up dents and dings on your shiny new mechanical watch when there’s something better suited for action in your watch box. Here at Windup we appreciate a tough tool watch, and few brands fit the bill, but perhaps none so much as G-SHOCK. We’re thrilled to have them in the shop. Every watch in their lineup features solid water resistance ratings, resistance to shock, and plenty of convenient timing features at the press of a button. 

G-SHOCK is a brand that’s achieved icon status. There’s always a place for one in your collection, no matter how far off the mechanical watch deep end you go. And there’s a heavy nostalgia factor too. With nearly 40 years in the digital watch space, many of us have had them in our collections since we were kids. There’s something fun about programming a digital watch with your timezone, setting up alarms, and timing random events with the stopwatch. Whether you’re timing an important event for work or something as mundane as your pot of bucatini on the stove, G-SHOCKs have just always been there. 

G-SHOCK came about back in 1983 with a simple idea in mind — your watch shouldn’t break when dropped. Creator Kikuo Ibe wanted to bring a watch to market that would hold up to days on a construction job, outdoor activities, and pretty much whatever else life could throw at you. After observing a child bouncing a rubber ball, the idea took a stronger shape in his mind. If he made a watch case that housed the movement inside a cushion of air, it would be significantly more durable. After a bunch of prototype testing (including famously launching watches out of a third story office window), the humble DW5600C was born — the square-shaped model that’s still around today. 

It’s one thing to claim that your brand’s watch is tough, but backing up that claim is on another level altogether. Casio and G-SHOCK developed their own state of the art testing lab that could test for extreme water resistance, shock resistance, and more. G-SHOCK’s gamut of tests include simulated drops, vibration tests, an assault with hammers, and even exposure to high electric current. It’s no surprise that G-SHOCKs are the watch of choice for soldiers, outdoors enthusiasts, and those who work in the harshest of environments. 

With hundreds of models, you’re sure to find a G-SHOCK that fits both your style and functional needs. We’ve selected an assortment of watches from the lineup that we think you’ll love. It’s hard to find another watch out there that will provide the same style, function, and value as a G-SHOCK. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new models that are now available in the shop:

The GA21xx “CasiOak” Series

The GA21xx series made a huge splash when it was introduced in 2019. It still sells out regularly, and for good reason. This stylish and slim Analog/Digital watch is nicknamed the “CasiOak” because of its resemblance to a certain Genta-designed watch with an octagonal shape. It features all of the classic G-SHOCK features like a world time display, stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, and a full-auto calendar. What’s new is the internal Carbon Core Guard structure — a case design that allows the watch to remain shock resistant while measuring in at a slim 11.8mm. We’re offering the GA21xx in two muted colors from the Earth Tone Series, a stealthy all-black, a vibrant red, and the new clear skeleton color way.  

Clear Skeleton Series

Part of the Transparent Pack, these clear Skeleton models make quite the first impression. Featuring clear cases and bands, they have a unique and futuristic look. It’s a refreshing and interesting take on these three popular models from G-SHOCK. You can choose from the classic square-shaped DW5600, the bold oversized GA700, or the slim and octagonal GA2100. These three watches aren’t just about looks, they’re just as tough as their opaque colleagues. 

Gray Skeleton Series

Also part of the Transparent Pack, the Gray Skeletons take a slightly different direction from the clear options. You’ll notice that all three of these have a smokey gray case and band, but still remain transparent. The model choices are also bigger, bolder, and more aggressive in design. Whether you opt for the GA110 with its unique speed calculation feature, the GA2000 for its excellent blend of analog and digital elements, or the GA900 for its interchangeable band, you can’t go wrong.

G-LIDE Series

Designed for surfers, but great for everyone. These G-SHOCK’s might look similar to the classic DW5600, but they have a lot more to offer. Sitting within the brushed steel bezel, there’s a high definition MIP LCD display. It’s capable of displaying much smaller pixels than the standard LCD screens, opening up a whole world of new digital readouts. The module inside is Bluetooth capable, which allows you to track a workout, program in tide charts, and receive notifications from your phone. The G-LIDE is available in dark Black, a contrasting Black/White, or a bright and cheerful Teal. 

DW5600 Blackout

The classic G-SHOCK, but all black. A 42.8mm square case features all black features and an inverted LCD screen for some extra stealthiness. This G-SHOCK is about as simple it gets to use, with features like programmable alarms, an hourly time signal, countdown timer, stopwatch, and a full-auto calendar. Branding and text are sparse, contributing to the minimalist aesthetic. It can definitely be the all-purpose stealth watch of your collection — simple, affordable, versatile, and long-lasting.