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Hamilton Watches are Now Available at Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop
It is with great pleasure today that we announce that a curated selection of Hamilton Watches will now be available at the Windup Watch Shop. A household name in the world of approachable Swiss-made watches, Hamilton has a rich history and an eye for design that makes them stand out. Founded in 1882 in Lancaster, PA, Hamilton watches was one of the great American watch companies of the early to mid 20th century. Manufacturing everything from pocket watches to deck clocks for the navy to watches for the military to everyday timepieces, they were a full-fledged manufacturer and a horological force to be reckoned with.

Today, Hamilton is owned and operated by the Swatch group, giving them access to the best Swiss movements and manufacturing. Their current catalog draws upon their exceptional archive to create a wide range of timepieces that any watch enthusiast should love.

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Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Based on military issued field watches from the 1960’s - 80’s, the Khaki Field Mechanical is a recreation of an icon. Still hand-wound and featuring the same MIL-W-3818B dial design, with gorgeous rounded type and cream-colored lume, the Khaki Field Mechanical has vintage charm through and through. But while the style is retro, the watch is certainly not, now built in a 38mm case with a sapphire crystal, and packing Hamilton’s H-50 movement with an impressive 80hr power reserve*.

We’re excited to say that we will be offering the full Khaki Field Mechanical line in the shop, including the black, brown and white dial models, as well as the new earth PVD case option. This latter version is truly a unique offering, featuring a bronzey-brown PVD coating only used by Hamilton, with matching dial, giving them an exceptionally rugged look.

The Khaki Field Mechanicals cost $475 - $575, depending on the version, and are available now. As a Windup Watch Shop bonus, get 15% off any W&W or ADPT strap in the shop when purchasing a Khaki Field Mechanical through the end of the year (details at end of post)!

*please note that the brown dial/steel case model features the ETA 2801 caliber with 40hr power reserve.

Hamilton Intra-matic Automatic

Easily Hamilton’s most alluring watches, the Intra-matic Automatics are minimal dress watches with mid-century appeal. Based on a series of thin, sexy timepieces from the 50’s and 60’s the modern Intra-matic automatics are elegant dress/casual watches with exceptional dials and cases. Coming in at 38mm, with massive domed sapphire crystals, svelte profiles under 10mm thanks to the ETA 2892 movements inside, and curved dials, they truly have style to spare.

To start, we’re offering the newest version which features a stunning smokey dial that fades from silver to black with gold markers and hands. If there’s ever been a dial that’s the spiritual equivalent to a Manhattan served neat, this is it. Available on either black leather or an elegant 9-link bracelet, this is the perfect watch for anything from the office to drinks at a jazz bar. Available now, starting at $895.

Hamilton Intra-matic Auto Chrono

Hamilton chronographs from the mid to late 60’s are amongst the most collectible of vintage chronos out there. Notable for their minimal case design, oversized sub-dials and bold use of contrast, they are also easily some of the most attractive. The Intra-Matic Auto Chronos are a modern, but not too modern, interpretation of these classic watches. Featuring 40mm cases, sapphire crystals, and 60hr automatic chronograph calibers they keep the spirit of their vintage counterparts alive while being up to today’s standards.

The Intra-matic Auto Chronos are available in two iconic colorways. First up is the tried-and-true “Panda” or white dial with black accents and sub-dials. An aggressive look, it pops off the wrist with true automotive flair. Next is the blue dial with off-white accents and sub-dials. This version has a more stylized look, though is still bold and handsome. Both are available now for $2,195.

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Please note, Hamilton watch sales are limited to the U.S.

Sale starts at 12:00AM EST 9/6/2019 and ends at 11:59PM PST on 12/31/2019. 15% off only applies to Model 2 Premium, Classic and ADPT straps. Prices are marked at 15% off when added to cart with a qualifying Khaki Field Mechanical watch, no code is necessary to receive the discount. 15% off only applies to items in stock at time of purchase and cannot be applied to future or past orders.