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Introducing New Leather Accessories by Monk Made Goods
Words by Windup Watch Shop

A few years ago, we sought to make a wallet to carry at the now Windup Watch Shop. So, we teamed up with incredibly skilled craftsman Jason Boone of Monk Made Goods to create a line of small-run, high-end wallets. Entirely hand-made by Jason in West Virginia, the wallets are as much works of leather art as they are hard-wearing, functional items. We then expanded the line to include some smaller “minimalist” wallets for those who wanted something that would fit better into a breast pocket.  Today, we’re excited to announce a continuation of our collaboration with Monk Made with an array of new colors and two new product families.

Starting with the new colors, for this round, we’ve moved away from Shell Cordovan for some variety as well as lower prices. Across the four products, save one exception, you’ll find black, brown and natural veg-tanned leather exteriors, all matched with natural interiors. Each color has its own unique character. Black is clean and classic, the brown is dark and handsome, natural is a blank canvas that will darken and age dramatically with use. The one exception is the key-chain, where we made used the same Olive as in our Model 2 Classics instead of the brown. Dark and earthy, Olive is a unique color with a slight camo feel.

Bifold Wallet

The Bifold Wallet is where this project started. A classic design with utility in mind, it features eight slots; six for cards and two hidden, as well as a full sized cash compartment. Made for back pockets, this will be your go-to wallet for everyday use. Available here for $215

Minimalist Wallet

The Minimalist Wallet is a compact vertical design with four card slots and two hidden compartments for cash or more cards. Small and sleek, this one will fit handily in a front pocket or jacket breast pocket, making it great for more formal attire. Available here for $125

Card Holder

Sometimes you just want to carry the essentials - perhaps an ID, a credit card and a card for public transit - or perhaps enough cash for a cup of coffee, some business cards, and your frequent coffee purchasing card. Either way, the new Card Holder is a perfect choice, with three slots (one vertical, two horizontal) it carries just enough. Available here for $70


Keys, we’ve all got them and at some point, you have to ditch the novelty fobs for something a bit more adult. This new leather Keychain is a clever design featuring a loop construction that snaps shut. This allows you to attach it to a belt or your bag to make sure your keys are easy to find and don’t get lost. Or, if you’d rather keep them loose, acts as an easy to grab fob. Hand stitched, and burnished, it’s still a gorgeous piece of leather craft. Available here for $40