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Introducing the Sackett, Hoyt, Degraw, and Wyckoff Italian-Made Watch Straps by Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

At the Windup Watch Shop straps are something we take very seriously. From our line of rugged, rustic, American-Made Model 2 Premiums to the effortlessly stylish, military-inspired nylon straps of Haveston, since 2012 we’ve always paid close attention to the details that we, as watch collectors, want to find in our straps. High-quality materials, craftsmanship, and value always play a role in our decisions, as does unique style. Straps are plentiful these days, but not many utilize interesting leathers and textures, which is something we care deeply about. Today, we’re launching four new collections of Italian-made straps that have taken all of these factors into close consideration, and, simply put, are some of the nicest straps we’ve ever launched.

When we first met with our new manufacturer, they had a few things we really appreciated. One was a legitimate factory in Italy with an impressive history and roster of clients. Another was an exceptional product. Over the years, we’ve learned what to look for in stitching, top and lining leathers, edge paint and the other small details that make the difference between a good and great strap. More often than not, we’re not impressed, but this time we were. Lastly, they allowed us full design control over our product. When it comes to products with our name on it, we don’t pick from catalogs, we design ourselves.

After some back and forth on details, hours spent looking at leather samples, we landed on four collections of straps that we’re very pleased with. Named after streets in our hometown of Brooklyn, we’re excited to introduce the Sackett, Hoyt, Degraw, and Wyckoff collections. All are available now right here, in 19mm (that’s not a typo, yes 19mm), 20mm and 22mm for $75.

The Sackett Watch Strap

We love suede. The Sackett is a classic full-stitch strap with a 4mm taper (3mm on 19mm), 2mm thickness, straight cut edge with matching paint, soft natural lining leather, and rugged suede upper. The mix of rich colors and heavy texture gives suede straps a devil-may-care attitude, making them work on anything from tool watches to vintage dress. We’re currently offering the Sackett in three colors, Caramel, Juniper, and Storm.

Caramel is a medium brown with gold undertones. A classic strap color, Caramel will look good with a wide variety of dial colors, and can be matched with casual or more formal attire.

Juniper is a bold, saturated green with a grassy appearance. One of the strongest colors we’ve ever offered, Juniper looks amazing with warmer tones, whether from gold accents or aged lume.

Storm is a medium gray that appears a touch darker because of the suede texture, with neutral tonality. A brooding, yet soothing color, Storm is a great backdrop to any style or color of watch, never taking attention away from the timepiece.

The Hoyt Watch Strap

The Hoyt is unlike any other strap we’ve offered, and represents the most rugged of the new collections. These minimal, stitch-less straps feature a classic 4mm taper (3mm on 19mm), 3mm thickness, straight cut edges with brown paint, and dark brown lining leather. What sets the Hoyt apart is the mix of a no-stitch design, with a super-tough, matte leather, with a waxy “vintage” character. Extremely earthy, this leather has a unique faded tonality and ability to scar, and scratch allowing it to wear in unique ways. We’re kicking the Hoyt collection off with Bone Gray, Tobacco Brown, and Pine Green.

Bone Gray exists somewhere between pale khaki and a taupe, and has a unique desaturated tonality we’ve never seen in a leather before. Understated and handsome, Bone Gray looks amazing with creamy lumes and earth tones.

Tobacco Brown has the deep color, and unctuous feel that one dreams of in a leather. Masculine and classic, Tobacco can add character to modern watches or build off what’s found in a vintage timepiece.

Pine Green is dark and desaturated with an appealing blue undertone. A unique green for leather, Pine has a faded, worn-in look that typically comes with years of wear. This is the perfect leather for tool watches with some military styling.

The Degraw Strap

The Degraw is relaxed, yet refined, combining silky smooth nubuck leather, which provides even matte color, with a folded edge for a cleaner overall look. The Degraw features a full-stitch with a 4mm taper (3mm on 19mm), 2mm thickness, rembordé edge, dark brown lining leather, and supple nubuck upper. A casual strap, the Degraw has a calm and cool demeanor, with a year-round style. We’re launching the Degraw in Olive Drab, Pewter Gray, and Wheat brown.

Olive Drab has always been one of our favorite colors for straps, and this particular version is the perfect mix of saturation and yellow-tinted green. Like an M65 jacket, the Olive Drab Degraw will be your go-to for casual, mil-influenced strap.

Pewter is a soft, medium gray with an almost creamy quality to it. Even and bright, Pewter is a subtle backdrop that complements any type or color of watch. Moreover, it will look good with any attire it’s combined with, from a jean jacket to a gray blazer.

Wheat is the character of the family, with a bright, bold golden color. Somewhere between your favorite pilsner and beam of sunshine, Wheat is a gorgeous, vibrant strap that is great at making dark dials pop and warm details standout.

The Wyckoff Strap

Our first strap to offer a pebble grain leather (also referred to as Scotch or Alpine grain), Wyckoff has a reserved, mature aesthetic. The Wyckoff is a traditional three quarter-stitch strap with a 4mm taper (3mm on 19mm), 2mm thickness, straight cut edge with matching paint, soft natural lining leather, and pebble grain upper. A leather known for its use in men’s footwear, the grain adds an appealing organic feel that compliments the typically smooth surfaces of a watch. We’re excited to offer the Wyckoff in Mahogany, Shale Gray, and Taupe.

Mahogany is a dark-medium brown with deeply saturated color and strong red undertones. A truly captivating brown, the addition of the pebble grain makes this strap a standout. Whether worn on a vintage chronograph or a modern dress watch, this will be a staple in your collection.

A dark-medium gray with a cool tonality, Shale is an elegant color with surprising depth. A gray with a lot of character, Shale utilizes the pebble texture to add complexity to a fairly neutral color. A more formal strap, it looks great with dressier timepieces and minimal dials.

The most subtle of the group, Taupe is a warm, pale color that gets added personality from the pronounced leather grain. An exceptionally tasteful color, Taupe acts as a delicate accent to watches and attire. Recommended for watches with understated details, vintage or modern.