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New at Windup Watch Shop: Clocks by Seiko, Lexon, Marathon, and a Few Watches Too
Words by Windup Watch Shop

I’m not going to waste your time with a colorful preamble, so here’s the gist: we’ve been busy. Over the last few weeks we’ve added a ton of new products, particularly to the clocks section, but other areas as well. In the process, we’ve brought two new brands in to the shop, Lexon, which is a French design house known for their clever concepts and use of color, and Seiko Clocks, which is the clock division of the brand you are surely aware of. We also added a few new watches from Boldr, so be sure to read the whole post to check them out.

Before we get into it, I just want to remind you that every purchase made in the Windup Watch Shop earns you points. These points add up quicker than you’d expect and can get you a strap, a clock, or with enough patience, even a new watch. So be sure you’re signed up here to make the most out of your purchase (btw, you get 250 points for signing up). Now, on with the show.

Seiko Clocks

Seiko. You know the brand, and if you’re like us, you have a few of their watches in your collection. Well, they don’t just make watches, they also have a fairly extensive catalog of clocks, which should come as no surprise as the brand was originally founded as Seikosha in 1892, and their first products were… clocks. They’ve continued to this day, making clocks of all sizes, shapes and styles, as well as manufacturing all of their own movements. To launch them in our shop, we focused on two models that we knew watch enthusiasts would love, the Mai and the Victory.

While the name might not indicate it, the Mai alarm clock is styled to look like a Seiko dive watch. It’s got a bezel (it doesn’t turn, but it’s a nice reference for the minutes), bold markers and hands, and just a general dive-watch vibe. It also packs an alarm, and flashing lights to kick you out of bed. Available in four colors, Black, White, Green, and Blue, and just $40, whether you keep it next to your bed, or just on your desk for some dive-y style, these are sure to bring a smile to your face.

With a name like Victory, you know this clock is going to be good. Styled after the clocks Seiko makes to time marathons and other sporting events, these bright yellow blocks on little yellow stands are fun, funky, and quite feature packed. The black screen features amber/yellow numerals that light up with a touch of the bar on top. Don’t need the time? Hit mode on the back and cycle to the date setting, or the stopwatch/timer setting. Hit the bar on top to start the stopwatch, or set a timer to countdown via the buttons on the back. Whether you use it as an alarm clock, kitchen timer, or cool accent in your living room or office, the Victory is a unique time keeper you’ll enjoy for years. 


And now for something completely different, Lexon. Mixing a sophisticated, yet playful aesthetic with unique functionality Lexon has been making award-winning products for over 30 years. We’re very excited to bring them into the shop as they don’t just make cool clocks (though they definitely do that) but also awesome audio devices and other neat trinkets. Today, we’re launching with two of their clocks, but also something entirely different.

The Tykho 3 radio and bluetooth speaker might not be something you’d expect to find at the Windup Watch Shop, but we love cool stuff, so we couldn’t resist. An award-winning design that was first introduced 20 years ago, it takes the silhouette of a classic radio, but renders it in monochromatic rubber for a distinctive and unexpected look. Now in its third incarnation, Lexon has added wireless bluetooth functionality, allowing you to stream to it, as well as tune in FM stations. With 20hr rechargeable batteries and a splash-resistant design, it’s a great, colorful accessory for your home, office, kitchen, or to take with you to the pool or beach. Not a clock, or a watch, but pretty dang cool. 

Not interested in a sweet bluetooth speaker? Check out the Flip+ Alarm clock. A remarkably clever device, don’t be fooled by its size. The small, deck-of-cards-esque shape features an LCD on one site, controls on the back, and then two large flat surfaces. One side says “on” the other “off”. Whichever side is up indicates the status of the alarm. Touching the front then lights up the LCD at night. The whole thing is wrapped in tactilely satisfying rubber, and is available in some gorgeous colors. Small, stylish, and very smart. 

This last one will blow your mind. No one likes to wake up in the morning to a shrill alarm. It’s off-putting and just not a great way to start the day. The Miami Sunrise simulates the rising sun in your room with an LED light that gradually increases in brightness to get you out of bed. Should that not work, 6 nature-inspired alarms will do the trick. Composed of two parts, the small cylindrical base, which has a dimmable LED clock, and the lamp, which is a soft white bowl set and an angle, and features touch controls on its back, the Miami Sunrise is as much a sculpture as a clock. 

Marathon Clocks

Like their watches, Marathon’s clocks are purposeful, precise and all about ease of use. Today, we’re building on the collection we started a few months ago with a handful of new models ranging from small travel clocks to wall-mounted information centers. 

Part of the same series, the Mini Travel Alarm Clock and Desk Alarm Clock mix clean, contemporary designs with a military sensibility. As the name suggests, the Mini is quite small, making it easy to pack, while the Desk is more of a tabletop size. Both feature large numerals that are always easy to read, big red snooze buttons, and optional automatic backlights for visibility in the dark. Additionally, Marathon uses a smooth sweeping movement, so no audible ticks to keep you up at night. Available in a variety of colors, these clocks are both practical and great looking.

As watch collectors, it’s great to have a reference to set your watches to. Marathon’s Atomic Wall Clocks are perfect for the task as they are automatically set and adjusted via a radio signal with ultra-precise time (North America only). Available in large and less-large, though still pretty big, these flat panels feature huge and super clear numerals that you can read from across the room. Additionally, each has the date, temperature, and the large model has humidity as well. Don’t want it on your wall? Both have kickstands for your desk.

New Watches From Boldr

Our friends at Boldr are always coming up with cool new stuff, and we’re always happy to carry it. Recently, they’ve expanded on some existing lines, while also dropping some entirely new stuff that we know you’ll love.

Starting with the latter, the Odyssey Freedivers are modern, rugged 40mm divers with 300m of water resistance. Chunky cases with dramatic facets give them aggressive looks, but the overall dimensions make them sleek and wearable. Inside, Miyota 9015s are busy keeping excellent time. Coolest part? The dials are made of real meteor, and colored in blue and black for a truly exotic and unique texture. Pretty amazing for $799.

Next, we return to the mountains with two new Expedition models. Boldr’s take on a hiking watch, they mix unique modern dual-crown design and a Swiss automatic movement, with unbeatable value. For fans of green, the El Capitan is the watch for you. The dial and bezel are rendered in a vibrant and verdant hue, while orange accents provide contrast. A slight departure from the rest, the Dune 7 is a combination of sandy, khaki hues and sports a compass bezel. An interesting take on a monochromatic watch, it will stand out in a collection. These are a tremendous value at $599. 

Lastly, we have two new versions of our favorite, the Venture. A 38mm, full-titanium field watch with 200m of water resistance and a sapphire crystal for under $400, these watches are one of the best values out there. Today, we have two that are slight departures from the norm, with the Black Dawn and Wayfarer. The first is the classic Venture design, but with a stealthy matte black PVD coating over the titanium, and a date at four. If you’re into sleek and discreet, this is it. The Wayfarer uses the Miyota 8217, which features a 24-hour hand at nine. In addition to this useful complication, the dial has been stamped with a new grainy texture adding additional rugged appeal. Both are available now for $339.