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New Clocks and Winders are Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It was just a couple of months ago that we greatly expanded on our home section by adding wall and table top clocks, calendars, and more. A very well-received endeavor, we’re excited today to expand on it once again with a trio of bold wall clocks, a curious cube, and a new set of winders.

Marathon Studio Edition 12 Inch Wall Clock


Marathon’s watches are unapologetically purposeful, as you’d expect from mil-spec timepieces, so it should be no surprise that their clocks follow suit. The Studio Edition 12 Inch Wall Clock is big, bold, and meant to be seen - from near or far, day or night. High contrast, and easy to read, no matter what, the dials feature huge numerals that are easy to read from any angle, as are thick, blocky hands. Stark white and black dials are punctuated by smooth sweeping red seconds hands that silently (no ticking) glide along their surface. Like a mil-spec timepiece, these clocks are attractive in a no-fuss kind of way.

At night, there is an option for an auto-illuminating light that glows a peaceful amber color, making the time readable even when the lights are out. Great for those late night stumbles to the kitchen, dark garages, basements, etc. Available in all black, white dial/black shell, and all white, this unmissable clock goes for $80.

MoMA Cube Clocks


The conceptual opposite of the Marathon, the MoMA Cube Clocks are small, discreet, and secretive. A simple unassuming cube, put it on your desk, bedside table, living room shelf, none will be the wiser. But this cube isn't just a cube, it's a little digital information center. With the snap or tap of a finger, the cube will display the time, temperature, and date seemingly without a screen (it can also be set to always on). Cool, silver light penetrates the front surface of the cube in a seemingly magical display. Available in two colors, grained aluminum or matte black, either is an intriguing and modern way to display the time. Available here for $48 (a great stocking stuffer).

Barrington Watch Winders

Watch winders tend to be really cheap, only lasting a few months, or really expensive, and look like Swiss luxury humidors. As fans of neither, we’re always on the hunt for winders with the right balance of quality and cost. The Barrington Single Watch Winder is an ideal mix of reliability, finishing, and value. Featuring an elegant and minimal design, emphasized by sharp corners and clean gloss paint, the Single Watch Winder is a welcome addition to a room or office. A quiet and reliable Japanese motor winds your automatic watches as per the settings dialed in via two knobs on the back. When powered by AC via the included adapter, Single Watch Winders can be linked together to wind multiple watches from a single power source. Additionally, the winder can be powered by two AA batteries to get rid of wires all together.


Available now for $225 in Shadow Black, Midnight Blue, or Racing Green, the Barrington Single Watch winder is a great way to store, display, and of course, wind your automatic watches.