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New in the Windup Watch Shop: Roadster Straps
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Collectors of watches tend to also be collectors of straps, whether they intend to be or not. It’s just a part of owning watches to want to change up the straps to bring new life or a new style to a beloved timepiece, not to mention seasonal swaps. So, the more the merrier. When it comes to sportier watches - chronographs, vintage divers, and tool watches - the right strap choice can really bring out the personality of a timepiece. Rally straps are a great example of a niche-strap that thanks to a combination of rugged leather and an array of decorative perforations adds attitude in droves to a timepiece. Today, we’re excited to launch the Roadster, a Windup Watch Shop original design, and soon to be your favorite new rally strap.

Made in Italy out of Italian leathers, the Roadster straps might at first blush appear like many other rally straps, but the details make the difference. Though featuring an overall taper of 4mm (to the buckle), it is executed in steps. At first, there is a gradual taper of 1mm from the lug to just below the end of the distinctly-rally-style perforations. There is then a sharp 3mm taper over a short span creating a unique visual break. On the buckle side, you’ll then find a large keeper which is locked in place by the kink, followed by the buckle. The other side continues to taper another couple of millimeters to an eventual pointed tip for a refined finish.

The top-down silhouette isn’t the only unique aspect of the Roadster, so is the profile. In addition to a tapering width, the Roadster features a tapering thickness. The top portion, from the lug to the kink mentioned above is around 3.5mm thick. It then ramps down 2.5mm, transitioning at said kink. The result is increased body by the lugs, helping fill in space and allowing the strap to stand up to thicker and more rugged watches. It’s then thinner underneath the wrist, adding to comfort and flexibility. Lastly, stitching has been limited to by the buckle, creating a clean, sleek overall look.

As for colors, we’re kicking off the Roadster collection with five fantastic leathers, in 20mm and 22mm, priced at $79. All are available here and will ship immediately. Check out the color assortment below: 

Caramel Brown Suede

You can’t go wrong with a classic, medium golden brown like caramel. Rugged but refined, in suede it’s an everyday go-to.

Pine Green

One of our favorites, Pine Green is a waxed flesh leather, giving it a matte finish. The color is dark, and saturated for a deep green tone that adds an appealing earthiness to any watch.

Storm Gray Suede

Dark and moody, storm gray is a great alternative to black or brown, working with any watch since it’s color neutral. The suede adds a subtle and appealing texture.

Lamp Black

This is the deepest, darkest black leather we’ve ever come across - and we love it. Matte and waxy, it seems to almost absorb light. The rough texture gives it the look of a greasy cloth, in the best way imaginable. 

Tobacco Brown

Like Pine and Lamp Black, Tobacco is a waxed flesh leather giving it a wonderful texture and finish. A classic medium to dark brown, akin to Caramel, Tobacco will darken more with age given its wax content for an increasingly rugged look.