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New products highlight: Warm Tones of Summer
Words by Ed Jelley

Whether you’re enjoying a hot day in the sun, or the relief that comes with a long sunset bathed in that gorgeous gold-toned light, there’s no denying that summer has a certain glow to it. A similar glow that’s as popular as ever right now is the use of bronze and gold tones in the watches, making them perfect companions for all of your summer endeavors. We’re happy to welcome a few new watches to the shop, including a classic field watch, a candy-inspired diver in the perfect size, a 1980s throwback digital watch, and a classy two-tone take on the GMT. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite new watches featuring warm golden tones:

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze

After just one look at the Khaki Field Mechanical in Bronze, you’ll question why it didn’t come this way from the start. In place of the matte-finished steel case is a handsome warm-toned 38mm bronze case. The finishing is still matte, but when paired with the bronze metal, the entire look of the watch is drastically different from its steel counterpart. The golden tone of the metal picks up on the creamy lume used on the hour markers and hands, bringing the case color into the dial flawlessly. The black base of the dial adds some welcomed contrast that helps the 12- and 24-hour time scales really pop. Hamilton opted for a hypo-allergenic titanium case back to combat the potential for stained skin that’s associated with bronze watches so you get all of that bronzy patina goodness without the hassle.  

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Cotton Candy 

Warm tones and candy-colored dials? Count us in. Just like a summer fair at dusk, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five Cotton Candy models mix those warm bronze hues of the waning sunlight with the color of a summer-favorite treat. This is the first time we’re seeing a 38mm case in the Divers Sixty-Five lineup, and it’s rendered entirely in a pinkish bronze that reads almost rose gold (pre-patina, of course). Over time, the bronze case, bracelet, and bezel will pick up a natural patina, depending on each individual wearer and what they expose the watch to. The case isn’t the only fun part, as the “Cotton Candy” comes in three different dial flavors -- a light pink, a minty “wild green”, and a calming sky blue 

Timex T80 Gold

Paying homage to the 1980s, the Timex T80 is a gold-toned throwback to the birth of the digital watch. The simple 34mm squared-off case surrounds an LCD screen with a large time display, day of the week display, and alarm time/status indicators. You can easily tell time in the dark thanks to the Indiglo backlight, perfect for those long summer nights. Securing the watch to your wrist is a gold-toned folded metal bracelet that features a mix of brushed and polished elements. The entire package is fun, affordable, and about as gold colored as a watch can get. Every collection could benefit from a grab-and-go digital watch, so why not make yours a little bit more fun.

Timex Waterbury GMT

If you can’t fully commit to the gold watch lifestyle, then Timex has you covered with the two-tone Waterbury GMT. As part of their Waterbury lineup, this GMT features a classic design that calls back to their heritage in Waterbury, Connecticut -- the original home of the brand. The watch features the original WWC Waterbury Watch Company throughout the design, most prominently on the counterbalance of the green seconds hand. The Waterbury GMT measures in at a very wearable 39mm. It’s rendered in stainless steel with gold-toned accents on the crown, pusher, bezel, bezel insert, and on the chapter ring of the dial. It’s just enough warm-toned gold to give a hint of two-tone without going over the top. The watch isn't just about the gold. It sports a dark navy dial with dive-style indices, and a split blue and red bezel that really pops. For just under $200, a reliable quartz-powered GMT with a two-tone Pepsi color motif is a no-brainer.  


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