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New Hexagon Watch Tubes and Leather Pouches Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

When you have a collection of watches, whether it’s just one cherished timepiece or several, you need something to put them in when you take them off. Whether in a drawer or in a bag, you need someplace that will keep them safe and in good condition. We offer many solutions for watch storage ranging from sturdy watch boxes to stylish watch rolls, and today we’re adding two new styles of storage we’re super excited about: the Hexagon Watch Tube, and the Leather Service Pouch.

A Watch Tube That Doesn’t Roll

The Hexagon Watch Tube solves many problems you might not have realized you even had. A storage and travel solution for up to three watches, the Hexagon Watch Tube is a rigid companion to soft rolls and pouches that is especially great for watches on bracelets, fitted straps, or ones that otherwise don’t flatten out well. But, where typical watch tubes often provide frustration, the Hexagon provides convenience. Each pillow comes out individually, allowing for easy and quick access. The lid unfurls into a convenient, lined work surface - great for strap changes. And best of all, the geometric design prevents it from rolling off your dresser with your precious watches inside.


Measuring about 8.5” x 3.25” x 3.5” the Hexagon Watch Tube is the perfect size to fit in your carry-on or in your sock drawer. But, you might not want to hide it away as we’ve made sure it’s good-looking too. The exterior of the Hexagon Watch Tube is made out of rugged nylon fabric in one of a handful of attractive colors. Hardwearing, it’s going to stay in good condition for a long time. Inside, a synthetic suede in a complementing color makes your watches stand out and keeps them safe. $195, available here.

A Pouch that’s Sturdy and Stylish

The Leather Service Watch Pouch is our answer for an appealing and upscale storage solution for one watch at a time, especially those on bracelets. Based on the pouch used by certain luxury brands to return watches after maintenance, the Leather Service Watch Pouch features rugged, hard-wearing leather exteriors around soft, Alcantara interiors. A combination of a pocket, protective flaps, and a cushioned pillow keep the watch in place, and prevent the bracelet from rubbing on the case back. A hidden snap-button closure keeps the pouch shut.


The Leather Service Watch Pouch is currently available in four colors: Carbon Black, Alpine Green, Snuff Brown, and Cinder Gray, all lined with honey Alcantara. Carbon Black and Alpine Green are both waxed nubuck leathers with even, matte surfaces. Snuff Brown and Cinder Gray are classic suedes with an attractive texture. $80, available now.