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New Yema Watches for the Sky and Sea - Available Now at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Today we’re excited to add two new types of watch to our growing catalog of Yema timepieces. One vintage and meant for the water, the other a new concept meant for the air, both are exceptional watches that illustrate what a unique brand Yema is. Be sure to check out the entire Yema line here - now onto the new watches.

Yema Flygraf Pilot

First up is the Flygraf Pilot. Designed in collaboration with aerobatic pilot Sammy Mason, the Yema Flygraf Pilot is a modern twist on the classic aviation watch. Drawing from military and pilot's watch designs, the Flygraf has an appealing mix of utilitarian and aesthetic elements, such as the inner 24-hr track and distinctive brushed dial. The 39mm case, which boasts an impressive 300m of water resistance, features a broad brushed bezel for an attractive look that refines the otherwise rugged tool watch. The result is a pilot's watch that stands out from the pack. Powering the Flygraf Pilot is Yema’s in-house YEMA2000 automatic movement, which is an updated version of their in-house caliber with tighter specs. 

Available in black or gray, and priced at just $690, the Flygraf Pilot is a great option for pilot’s watch fans and an exceptional value.

Superman Heritage 63 Limited Edition

The Superman is Yema’s most iconic and historically significant watches. One of the early pioneers of diving, the Superman, first unveiled in 1963, featured a novell bezel locking system (one of the first on the market) as well as an impressive 300m of water resistance. This new limited edition version of the Superman features a recreation of the original’s dial for a genuine, retro aesthetic. Exotic by today’s standards, this design features large markers and unique typography for a very cool look. Powered by the Selitta SW200-1, it’s also a very competent and functional sport watch.

Available in 39mm and 41mm, both limited to 1,000 units, these numbered watches are available for $1,199.