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Our Favorite Instagram Shots of the Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 Limited Edition
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 Limited Edition was an awesome launch for the Windup Shop and Worn & Wound team! This watch is all about collecting fun, and we’ve so enjoyed all the photos we’ve seen on Instagram and social media. So we thought we would take a second and share a few of our favorites!

There’s a few photographers on IG that make our jaws drop pretty consistently and @tyalexanderphotography is one of them. This shot looks like we can reach straight through our phones and pull that watch right out. Cripsy! 

It’s no secret we love green here at Windup Watch Shop and what better way to wear the new WW75 LE than an all green attire! @fretsanddials coordinates his shades of green perfectly for this wonderfully lit car wrist shot. 

We love the moody vibes @watch_girl_life brings to all her amazing photos and she just nailed the beautiful colors of the teal dial on the WW75. The side profile shot seems to be a popular one with many and there’s no doubt why. The strap on the watches just lends itself perfectly for this particular setup and we love it! Check out Trish's amazing cover photo at the top too!

Another super crispy photo comes from @practicalwatch. He captured the dial and colors perfectly on the black and green dial. Super secret tip, we have just a few black dials still available in the Windup Watch Shop

Coming in with another perfect wrist shot is @palisanderfyren with the WW75 teal dial. This shot really demonstrates the vintage vibes this particular Timex gives off and its versatility on the wrist. A perfect wristie! 

We love when our customers take their own liberties and change the straps of their watches. After all, it’s all about having some fun! We love the look of @super_aleste’s wrist shot with the WW75 on a vintage style band. That strap looks like it was made for this watch and the watch case is really well lit here. 

@kidwizzle is giving us major Christmas vibes with his bokelicious shot of their WW75 teal in front of what looks like Christmas tree lights. The lighting on the watch just looks perfect and what a sharp photo! 

Coming in with some more creamy bokeh is @kingsinista13’s fantastic flatlay shot of his WW75 black dial. We love the small reflection you can see on the phone just below too. 

Thanks to all who supported this launch and there’s just a few black dials left but hurry, they won’t be for long!