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The EDC Watch Fold is Back and a There's a New ADPT Strap color!
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The EDC Watch Folds were designed to bring some of the style and materials of modern outdoor gear into the world of watch accessories. Featuring 1000D nylon, plush neoprene, and tough 550 paracord, they are rugged, sleek, durable, and nice to look at too. Today, we’re excited to say we’re bringing the EDC Watch Folds back in four new colors, now as part of the ADPT - All Day, Purpose + Terrain - family of products.

But first, we also have a new color to add to our line of American-Made ADPT Straps. Still the only affordable and regularly available American-made nylon mil-strap, featuring components entirely sourced and fabricated within the U.S. ADPT Straps have become a staple strap for watch collectors. While we have some excellent things planned for ADPT Straps in the near future, today we’re adding just one color - but it’s one hell of a color.

Paprika is a spice made from dried, roasted and smoked chilis. Besides adding great flavor to food, it’s also known for its vibrant color. When we first saw a sample of this new rich red-orange nylon, Paprika immediately came to mind. Unique, and bold, we were struck by its intensity. We matched the nylon with tonal red thread and a dark, silver gray accent. The new Paprika ADPT Strap is unlike any other mil-strap we’ve seen. Pair it with black and gray dials to make them pop, or with green and blue dials for an adventurous use of color. Available now in 18, 20, and 22mm for $46.

ADPT EDC Watch Folds

The EDC Watch Fold is a compact and secure way to carry or store up to two timepieces, or anything else you wish to put in it. Glasses, straps, pocket knives, it’s a great way to pack some EDC (hence the name). Featuring a tough nylon exterior that is wrapped around a structural material, the EDC Watch Fold is semi-rigid, protecting goods within. The pockets inside are made of soft, cushioned neoprene, which keeps items safe and secure. The whole thing is cinched shut with paracord and a toggle, for a reliable closure. The ADPT EDC Watch Fold is made in New York City and costs $85. Shop the collection here. 

For the “relaunch” of the EDC Watch Folds we have four excellent, sleek options that have the outdoor and urban lifestyle in mind. First up is Asphalt Black, a sleek and modern combo, which features a black exterior, gray neoprene pockets, dark navy blue interior and toggle, and a tan and black striped paracord for contrast.

Next is Concrete Gray, a clean and technical combo, which features a gray exterior, gray neoprene pockets, khaki interior, a dark green toggle and a wide striped gray and khaki paracord.

Then we have Hunter Green, a classic, woodsy combo which features a dark green exterior, dark brown neoprene pockets, khaki interior, a brown toggle and a dark brown camo paracord. 

Lastly, we have Autumn Brown, an earthy combo of warm tones, with a dark brown exterior, dark orange neoprene pockets, dark green interior and toggle, and a light brown camo paracord.