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The Kerchief Couture Series with Cantonment
Words by Kyle Snarr

Our friends at Cantonment are kicking off an exciting lookbook series to showcase all the ways you can style their Kerchief and take advantage of its many functions. Cantonment Co-founder Kyle Snarr put together a sneak peek of the campaign exclusively for Windup Watch Shop customers. Check it out below and be sure to follow along in the coming weeks to check out all of the looks. We'll let Kyle take it from here.


Growing up, I had an on-again, off-again relationship with Scouts. I loved everything about it relating to the outdoors, but could never seem to memorize the motto, oath, or any of that jazz. I did however really enjoy thumbing through an old Scout Handbook we had laying around. It was peppered with actual Norman Rockwell illustrations—I always got a kick out of all the little details in those paintings. And I especially loved the different life hacks sprinkled throughout its pages. 

I remember some instructional illustrations demonstrating how to use your scout neckerchief as a sling or a bandage. I think there were even instructions on how to use your pants as an improvised flotation device? The MacGyver factor imbued in these multifunctional objects definitely sunk in and has stayed with me all these years.

So about four years ago, when I was approached by a childhood buddy—who was in my same mostly off-again scout troop—to develop some sort of everyday carry item, the principle of multifunctionality was top of mind. We launched our product in June 2020 with the help of the Windup Watch Shop as our first retailer. The company is called Cantonment and our first product is simply dubbed the Kerchief. It’s a fun, fresh riff on scout-like neckerchiefs of our youth. 

You can certainly read up on Worn & Wound about what makes the Kerchief a bit different from your standard bandana. However, the purpose of today’s post is to kick off a new series that Cantonment is calling Kerchief Couture. This series is all about how to get the most function and fashion out of your new Kerchief. 

We partnered with our friend and professional model Jean Mpalomby to create six different looks, with six different use cases demonstrating the versatility and styles you can explore with this product. Starting this week and each week for the next five, you can follow Cantonment’s Instagram to learn each of these looks, their nicknames, and the benefits they provide. Today, we’re excited to give fans of the Windup Watch Shop and readers of Worn & Wound a little sneak peek of what’s in store. 

Week One - The Scout

Each Kerchief set comes complete with a nylon neckerchief slide, traditionally called a Woggle. By using the Woggle in the old school scout style with the Kerchief in that classic upside-down triangle, you can bring a fun pop of color to any basic outfit. We feel The Scout technique works best with collarless tops and is a great neck covering for sunny days. 

Week Two - The Bindle

Cantonment’s Kerchiefs have a reinforced button hole in all four corners, this is great for using the Woggle to hang the cloth from your belt as a shop rag. You can also pin all four corners together to create a makeshift tote we affectionately refer to as The Bindle. It’s great for foraging for berries on the trail or collecting seashells on the shore.

Week Three - The Necktie

A Kerchief is also a very simple way to step up an outfit. By folding it diagonally on itself and knotting the ends like tying a tie—you know… around, up, over, and through—you can move an otherwise casual look to feel a bit more formal. The Necktie is fast, simple, and has the added benefit of protecting your collar from perspiration.

Week Four - The Cowboy

By once again folding the Kerchief into a triangle, but this time knotting it in the back, you instantly create that beloved Old West look. The Cowboy instantly feels adventurous, with a bit of safari-inspired swagger and has the timely bonus of quickly converting into a respectful face-covering for impromptu close encounters.

Week Five - The Twist

To create The Twist, fold your Kerchief into a triangle, tuck in the tip, and twist! Use the nylon Woggle strap to cinch it up and you’ve got yourself a stylish way to protect your collar from sweat. Pro tip: soak The Twist in water and wear it on a hike for your own little on-the-go AC unit. 

Week Six - The Legionnaire

Need some shade in a pinch? Just plop your Kerchief on your head and pull on your favorite cap and boom… you’re rocking a fun and functional desert-style solution. It’s a simple solve, but works every time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of our Kerchief Couture series. As you can see, we haven’t yet figured out how to hack a Kerchief into a flotation device, but maybe you can. Once again, follow Cantonment on Instagram to get in on all the multifunctional fun and pick up your own set today in the good old Windup Watch Shop