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The Tool Watch Box Now On Sale - Only In The Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

What do you do with your watches when they are off your wrist? Do you keep them tucked away, safe, but lonely, where no one can enjoy their beauty? This age-old question has plagued watch collectors since the very first time a watch fell off a bed-side table. The solution? A watch display box, of course. But which? In our experience, they are either too cheap and made of unappealing materials, too expensive to justify actually purchasing, or aesthetically just not to our tastes. That is why we created the Tool Watch Box.


We recognize that not everyone wants an elongated humidor or a glorified jewelry box sitting on their desk or dresser, and so we modeled our Tool Watch Box after the iconic rectangular metal tool boxes that are frequently found inside old workshops and garages. We made it out of thick sheet metal, with metal components, and a heavy, glass display window that allows you to see all twelve watches sitting in the case

When you pick up the Tool Watch Box, you know you’ve got something serious in your hands. The clasps flip with a satisfying snap, making sure the lid stays firmly closed. On the sides are folding strong-box handles made of solid metal, providing a solid and secure way to carry the box, or slide it in and out of a safe. And then when you open up the box, the lid, with its large glass window, feels like a small vault door. 

The Tool Box is currently available in two versions - Green and Blue. A perfect gift for a fellow collector, or to yourself, the Tool Watch Box is on sale now for a limited time for $254.15. Head here to pick one up today.