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Three Black Friday Bundles You Won't Want to Miss
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It’s that time of year again to reflect and give thanks and spend time with loved ones. If you are fortunate (or perhaps unfortunate) enough to have a watch enthusiast in your circles – or are one yourself – it’s also the season to begin racking your brain for thoughtful gift ideas. Watch guys and gals are notoriously difficult to shop for, but we’re here to save the day with 10 special bundles here at the Windup Watch Shop. If getting clotheslined in a Wal-Mart scramble is not your cup of tea, you’re in the right place. Kick back, grab a coffee, and get a jump start on holiday shopping by checking out these Black Friday bundles. Lastly, the Windup Watch Shop Team expresses our utmost gratitude to our readers and community. It is an honor and privilege to bring you the very best in watches, accessories, and gear.

Hamilton Gift Set

The Hamilton Gift set is for the person in your life who loves watches, full stop. The center of this bundle is the Hamilton Aviation Pilot Pioneer, a mechanical watch that has fantastic proportions and vintage cues. You have your choice to configure it on either a leather or nylon strap, and the watch’s value itself exceeds that of this bundle already. Included in this sporty package is an 18mm Model 2 Premium leather strap in Natural, as well as an 18mm ADPT nylon mil-strap in Forest. With three different straps to choose from, it only makes sense to also throw in a strap changing tool. Last but not least, you’ll receive a leather tool pouch from Convoy Co., which puts a bow on what would make both an incredible starter pack for watches or simply an entirely self-sufficient supplement to a watch collection. 

Storage & Care Gift Set

Having a watch collection but no storage or care accessories is like owning a car collection without a garage. Put an end to someone’s (or your own) silliness by picking up our ultimate storage and care set, starring our own Windup Watch Shop Toolbox. Study, stylish, and strong, the Toolbox is designed for storing and viewing your watch collection. The set also includes a Seiko Marathon desk clock, which is a perfect, practical complement to your workstation or shelf, and MOMA’s cube calendar – you know, for all those no-date watches you’ve already got. This set is focused on setting the right vibes and building around the enjoyable tangents to watch collecting.

EDC Gift Set

For the preppers and EDC lovers and simply practical people among us, the EDC Gift Set is tailored made for you. The bundle is anchored on the Elko, a discreet but indispensable tool for whatever life may throw at you. The Elko is designed to fit on a keyring but features a steel blade, pry bar/key ring, bottle opener, and screwdriver. Alongside the Elko are the Nitecore Tiki, a powerful compact flashlight, and handy wrist thermometer from Sunco. To tie it all up (or store it all), you’ll receive a Pioneer Carry zip wallet. The best part about this set – and all the sets – is that they stand well on their own as gift sets for collectors at all stages. There are 10 unique bundles offered right here in the Windup Watch Shop, so be sure to check them all out.