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Adding Some Spice to Life with Colorful Watches
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The realization hits like a freight train. At some point in the intrepid collector’s journey, he or she comes to a stunning revelation. The watch box is full but every piece is monochromatic and paired with plain nato straps. He’s living in a black and white world, and maybe he’s been doing it wrong the whole time. He checks his Internet history: yet another forum argument, another online cart full of the same watch he’s always bought. It was never meant to be this way. Let this cautionary tale resonate as the days grow short and gray. The road back to joy and laughter in watch enjoyment is simple; just add some color.

The G-Shock Multi-Colored

It’s in the name, silly. Chase away the doldrums this season with a G-Shock 2100-series that essentially forces you to have fun. It’s the surprisingly wearable watch that does everything you could ever ask. Time that special steak just right, keep track of time zones for your loved ones from afar, and set that alarm to remind your friends you appreciate them. The white, black, or green resin case makes for a perfect canvas for the multi-colored accents. Imminently legible, durable, and affordable, the GAB2100FC Multi-Colored is the easiest way to inject some color and lighthearted (and lightweight) fun into your life – I mean, your collection.

Citizen “Tsuyosa”

Got a weak colorful watch collecting game? Fear not, the Citizen Tsuyosa, or “Strength” in Japanese, is here. Available in the United States earlier this year, the Tsuyosa was designed around the concept of color. You have a choice between Turquoise, Yellow, Green, Yellow, Black, and Blue dials, but it wouldn’t be a sin to want to collect them all. At 40mm wide, 49mm long, and 11.7mm thick, this is a piece that you can wear anywhere, anytime. Check two boxes at once and get into the colorful dial, integrated bracelet watch game with one swoop. Now that’s a power move. 

Zodiac x Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag

Say that name three times fast, and you’ll be entered into a raffle for a free Zodiac (we wish). Perhaps the champion of color in the entire Windup Watch Shop’s catalog at the moment, the Sea Wolf Laser Tag makes an immediate impression. The watch took years to develop and features photoreactive elements starting with the case and packaging. The dial, bezel, strap, and even case all contain light-up material that fully comes to life under a blacklight. At its core, it’s still the same capable dive watch that the Sea Wolf has always been. The formula is simple: rugged dive watch + laser tag nostalgia = happiness.