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Announcing 3 New Colors of the American-made Model 2 Premium Strap - Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about leather straps again (finally!). So today, we’re excited to announce three new hearty, rugged, autumn-ready straps to our Model 2 Premium collection. A quick primer on the Model 2 Premium for the unfamiliar - these are our house line of American-made straps, featuring the best quality leathers sourced from Chicago’s Horween tannery and Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania. The leather is cut, painted, hand-sewn, and otherwise transformed into a high-quality watch strap in the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District.

The three new colors are Dark Navy, Marsh Green, and Yukon Brown. Each gorgeous in their own right, they are quite different from one another, and not your typical strap colors. We hand selected these three new leathers on a trip to Horween last year, and are very excited to finally make the straps available. All are available in 18, 20 and 22mm for $95, and you can head here to pick them (and the 12 other Model 2 Premium colors) up right now.

Dark Navy

Every watch collector should have a dark blue leather strap in their strap bag, and we think the new Dark Navy is the perfect choice for the job. Featuring Horween Latigo leather upper. A full-grain leather that is combination tanned (vegetable and chromexcel) it’s a high-end article from Horween that is soft and supple, with an appealing grain. The blue is deep, rich and consistent throughout the strap, and features a smooth surface. We’ve accented the blue with dark brown edge paint, black lining and silver hand-tied side knots. A great alternative to blacks and browns, blues go beautifully with white, gray, and salmon dials as well as faded, tropical colors.

Marsh Green

We’re very excited about this next one. Marsh Green is made using Horween Waxed Flesh Chromexcel leather. Basically, this is a suede that has had the nap waxed down to create a solid surface. Since it’s held down by wax, the nap can and will eventually come up with wear, creating a very rough and rugged finish. In other words, the more you wear this strap, the gnarlier it will become. But to start, it’s still quite unique. The color is a dark green with a strong brown undertone that will become more visible with wear. The surface texture is almost scaly, with a unique and interesting grain. Keeping with the dark, earthy colors, we paired Marsh with brown edge paint, black lining, brown side-knots and a Stout keeper. Put this one on your toughest tool watches. You won’t regret it.

Yukon Brown

Another unique leather, this one was a lucky find while going through Horween’s shelves. Made out of Horween Predator leather (yeah, that’s their house name for this one), it’s an oiled nubuck with a matte finish, pronounced leather grain, and exceptional color. This is another leather that is all about patina. It scratches and marks up easily, as well as darkens and shines up on areas of higher wear. What you end up with is a strap that tells a story and has an awesome vintage character after not-a-long time.

We called this one Yukon because it has a outdoorsy, rugged quality that we really fell for. A medium brown, it has a sandy, aged bronze tonality that is exceptional. We paired this one with brown edge paint, natural lining, and brown side knots. This one looks particularly excellent with darker, matte cases.