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Exploring Our Curated Gift Guides
Words by Windup Watch Shop

If you are like us, you’ve realized how difficult it can be to shop for others. Whether it is the recipient’s particular nature or the overload of options at your disposal, finding and choosing the right gift is an art. Fear not, though: we’ve assembled four gift guides right here in the Windup Watch Shop – each is designed with a focus in mind. The first guide is aimed squarely at The Watch Collector (you know well who they are). The next category is a more general array of products that will appeal widely to the everyday man or woman, in other words, The Professional. Thirdly, we round up some of the best gear and accessories that The Adventurers will appreciate. And if you make it all the way to the end, you’ll find our top picks for gifts under $100. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Every guide is a living entity that is updated regularly, so don’t hesitate to bookmark them and revisit whenever you need reference points or ideas. Happy shopping!

Gifts for the Watch Collector

The watch collector is opinionated, particular, and not easily fooled. Shopping for this person doesn’t have to be difficult, however; our guide for the watch collector is a curated and vetted assortment of watches, straps, and accessories that will appeal to both beginning and expert collectors alike. You can be certain that anything from our guide is not only of good quality and value but of horological interest and intrigue to enthusiasts at large.

Gifts for the Professional

The young adult, the working man or woman, may not be a hardcore enthusiast but has an eye for detail and expects his or her appearance, whether it’s watches or accessories, to make positive impressions. Choose from an array of watches, pens, wallets, and more to find the right pick for the professional in your life. The watches and accessories in this guide have widespread appeal and should work with a variety of styles and tastes.

Gifts for the Adventurer

Ah, the adventurer. Rugged, dynamic, and always on the go, those who spend and live their lives experiencing the outdoors need their gear to hold up to their day to day endeavors. Lucky for them – and for you – we’ve assembled a collection of watches and gear that are particularly designed to go the extra mile. From indispensable pocket knives and handkerchiefs, to nylon straps and the most rugged field and sport watches you can find, this guide encompasses all you need to find the right gift for the Adventurer.

Gifts Under $100

Let’s be honest: sometimes we just need to ball on a budget. For those who are looking more generally at gifts and want to find the best value anywhere, look no further. Our Gifts Under $100 guide is a one stop shop for the best deals currently online. This section has no limitations on scope and covers every product category we carry. Check back often to score the best deals you’ll find around!

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