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Comparing Two Generations of The Timex x Worn & Wound WW75
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Collaborations are some of the most fun we get to have here at Worn & Wound. They allow us to highlight products we think are excellent while injecting some of what we value into them. Our work with Timex on the WW75 a year ago was a celebration of all that we love about watches – playful, wearable, affordable pieces that anyone can enjoy. We’ve gotten such a positive reception it was a no-brainer to go for round two. By comparing and contrasting both versions, we can appreciate how far we’ve come and just how these two generations of Timex WW75 continue to capture the hearts and minds of enthusiasts today.

Version One

Our first go around was a study in measured use of color and – pardon us for tooting our own horns – we think we nailed it. The teal variation was pure mid-century goodness; paired with the brown leather strap, it was just out of this world. The black and grass green combination brought a more subdued but low-key groovy aesthetic. It was decidedly sportier and came on a green textile strap. These watches were, and are, eminently wearable at 37mm by 43mm by 12.7mm.

Version Two

One year later, we’re back at it again. This time we’ve taken the knobs and turned them just a step further – both to lighten up and to push the boundaries of color one iota more. The 2023 Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 version 2 comes in two variations: pink and blue. The former features a pink and white dial with blue accents. The teal hands and minute hashes contrast with the darker blue five minute increments along each marker and pink Timex logo. The result is a thoughtful and soft look and makes it the easier of the two to wear on a daily basis (though both versions are certainly up to the task).

The second reference of the V2 is a bold blue with little touches of pink in the hands and along the hour markers. In a nice touch of detail, the 12 o’clock hour marker is outlined in a soft blue. This watch makes more of a statement but isn’t overpowering. In fact it seems to lean in and  double down on the blue V1’s visual cues. Both V2s come on comfortable steel mesh bracelets that add to the vintage charm of the watches.

We’re very proud to offer both new Timex x Worn & Wound WW75 models here in the Windup Watch Shop. In some ways, they are the same watches you already know and love: same case, same movement, same mid-century styling. But the twists and turns from a color standpoint keep things interesting and allow even more folks to get in on the action. At this rate, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this partnership.