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Eurofighter Approved Damasko DC 56 and 57 Si Chronographs with Silicon Hairsprings Available Now
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Damasko DC 5X chronographs are exemplary of the brand’s philosophy. They are simple, straightforward, modest, and easy-to-read, while hiding under the surface is a wide array of in-house technologies dramatically increasing their durability and functionality. They are meant to be daily companions whether you’re at a desk, cruising the autobahn on a motorcycle or flying high above the clouds. But when it comes to the most trying, taxing and brutal of situations, Damasko has another option, the 5X Si models - think of them as the DC 5X’s on steroids.

Now available the DC 56 Si and DC 57 Si

The DC 5X Si’s take everything the 5X models have to offer and adds in an enhanced movement, modified in-house by Damasko. The 7750 automatic chronograph is already a robust, reliable movement, but Damako’s additions take it to the next level. First, they take out the hairspring and replace it with their own, patented EPS® silicon spring. This non-magnetic, temperature-compensated and impact-resistant spring increases accuracy and durability. Next, they add in a reinforced barrel (mainspring), which increases the power reserve to 52hrs. Lastly, they put in their own rotor and ceramic bearing, increasing shock and vibration resistance.

So, what does this amount too? Well, Airbus / EADS put a group of supposedly tough pilot’s watches, including the DC 56 Si, through a series of tests simulating the incredibly harsh environments and situations a jet fighter pilot goes through, such as 12gs of sudden acceleration. Only one watch survived them all, let alone the first test, which broke most of the watches. Yeah, it was the DC 56 Si, earning it the honor of being the official watch of the German Eurofighter pilots since 2007. Needless to say, these watches can hold up to what normal day-to-day life throws at them.

Apart from the movement, there are some very minor cosmetic changes to the dial. Instead of the crosshair seconds at nine, there is a full seconds index. This gives the Si models a more traditional pilot-chrono look. Then, at seven you’ll find “Si”, the only text indicator on the dial that something more lurks within. Think of this as the “AMG” badge on a Mercedes.

Damasko DC 56 Si

The first of the two Si models were introducing to the store today is the DC 56 Si. 40mm, matte black dial - clean, classic and rugged. This watch is a true sleeper. It’s available here with a brown vintage-style leather strap or a modern, technical black leather strap starting at $2,479.

Damasko DC 57 Si

Second, we have the DC 57 Si, which inverts the color scheme on the dial, and makes the surface entirely lume. The black on white dial has a starker, more modern feel than the 56’s matte black, and the ability to glow from edge-to-edge gives is a bit of a legibility advantage in the dark as well. It’s available here with a brown vintage-style leather strap or a modern, technical black leather strap starting at $2,479.